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Drive Your Own Speed Boat

SpeedBoat Adventures is an adventure tour located in San Diego, California offers a guided and narrated sightseeing boat tour. On this adrenaline pumping tour, you will be able to navigate your own speedboat through the whole tour! You will have an experienced tour guide communicating with you through systems mounted on each boat. All tour guides are trained and knowledgeable to give you the best experience possible. Learn about the history of San Diego, see landmarks and sea lions, all while having fun. If you are adventurous and looking for something unique to do during your San Diego vacation instead of regular tours then this is for you!

Why We Highly Recommend Speed Boat Adventures

We highly recommend SpeedBoat Adventures because it stands out from other tour companies and makes it fun and educational at the same time. Their excellent online reviews and past customers boast about SpeedBoat Adventures being one of the most exhilarating, exciting and that they couldn't stop smiling. They also enthusiastically talk about the wonderful guides that are both great and hilarious. The guides recognize everyone's skill level and will always make sure their guests are safe and happy. In our opinion, SpeedBoat adventures is a fantastic choice.

Take the wheel and become the captain of your very own speedboat with this one of a kind never to be forgotten adventure tour!

The Boat

Driving the 13-foot mini speed boats is exhilarating as well as easy and suitable for first-time boaters. No experience or boating licence is required. The boats are equipped with all the necessary coast guard approved safety equipment. Each boat can carry up to 3 persons and is powered by a super-quiet, eco-friendly 30 horsepower outboard motor. Easy to drive! You will be sitting in a comfortable cushioned seat. You steer the wheel just like a car, and have a throttle on your side with 3 positions (forward, neutral, reverse) You can cruise slow or as fast as a jetski. The boats do have a storage compartment but bags can get wet so beware.

Restricions and Weight Requirements

Age/Children: We recommend children riding with adults be ages 5 & up. Children under 5 are welcome on a case by case basis, as long as the conditions of the water are fair, and the child can "hold on," physically. If the conditions are rough, it is not safe for a child under 5.

Age/Driver: To drive the boat alone, a person must be 18yrs old. 16 &up may drive as long as an adult is in the boat, as well.

Height/Weight: No height requirement; Each boat may not exceed 450lbs.

Health Restrictions

Part of the fun at Speed Boat Adventure Tours is that, at times, we will be riding in open water. Although usually calm, the harbour can be choppy at times.*We do not recommend guest with neck or back problems or a recent surgery to participate. Pregnant women should not participate.*

What to Bring/Wear

Swimsuit / Jacket *Wear what you would to the beach depending on the temperature (a swimsuit in the summer and a jacket in the winter) - It may be windy, plan accordingly!

Sandals or flip-flops

A towel for afterwards

Sun block


Are you Allowed to Switch Drivers?

Absolutely! We will stop several times during the San Diego Harbor boat tour and you can switch drivers if you like, halfway through the tour!

What if I've Never Driven A Boat?

No problem! Our boats are very simple to operate and we will make sure you are fully comfortable with the operation before we leave the dock.


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