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Hiking, Climbing and Spirituality in a Sacred Mountain

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Right in the heart of Catalonia, well connected with Barcelona, stands the Montserrat massif; a unique mountain that rises sharply to 1,236 meters from the top of St. Jeroni and many other iconic peaks, including Cavall Bernat or Montgròs.

The Montserrat Mountain Guides offers the possibility to discover this fantastic mountain accompanied by professional guides and instructors. We organize guided activities and courses of all levels of climbing, hiking, orienteering, via ferrata, itineraries of specific subject (biology and geology), among other tailored activities.

About Us

The people who make up the company “Guides de Muntanya de Montserrat” have one fundamental thing in common; a passion for mountains, and in particular the mountain of Montserrat. Its fantastic rocky, barren appearance captivated us when we first began hiking and climbing. Indeed Montserrat is a unique, emblematic mountain in Catalonia, and has always been of paramount importance in the history of the activities we offer. Today the Natural Park of Montserrat is of great value, not only from a nature point of view, but also historic and cultural. Although it is frequently visited by tourists and mountain lovers, it hides many places that can only be discovered if you are prepared to explore its many pathways.

Our guides will be delighted to guide you in your discovery of this surprising mountain, whether it be by walking or climbing. And we do this with the desire to share with you the knowledge and respect we have for this beautiful, unique mountain. Nowadays, the mountain guide, as a profession, is regulated worldwide, and in Catalonia specifically by the Decree 56/2003. Montserrat Mountain Guides are very rigorous in this sense, but also in the values of coexistence and respect for the environment.

Our professional training can certainly convey technical knowledge, but our desire is also pedagogical, to teach visitors the importance of protecting Montserrat, so that we can all continue to enjoy it. Guies de Muntanya de Montserrat organize activities for all ages and all levels. Climbing courses, dry canyoning and ferrata, hiking and guidance, in fact any activity related to the environment. Be sure to check our guided activities and courses as well as our departures schedule, or contact us directly to request information on any aspect you may wish to know about Montserrat. All proposals, whether guided activities or courses, are offered in Catalan, Spanish, English, French or German.

Guided Activities

Hiking And Orientation

The purpose of walking in the mountains is often to discover the most unique and magical areas, all its paths, needles, shafts, springs, hermitages and hidden corners. Thankfully we can reach most of these unique places on foot, and the extensive network of paths and trails in the mountain allows us to go on various outings throughout the year. Whether it is a short trip for all agegroups, or the most demanding of hikes, we can cater for everyone.

Orientation is one of the fundamental aspects of hiking. Whether we are using specific instruments such as a compass and a map, or just guiding ourselves by familiar landmarks, we will learn how to find our way around and guide ourselves more acurately, wherever we are, be it in the mountains, or in any other part of the Catalan countryside.

Ferrata & Dry Canyoning

It is often said that the via ferrata was "invented" to help warfare activities in the Alps during the two World Wars, and had little to do with enjoying the mountain. Fortunately, today the via ferratas have other purposes, and in recent years have become one of the most popular of all so-called extreme sports. Ever since 1993, when the first via ferrata was equipped, the “Teresina” on the rock of Santa Cecilia, many more such pathways have sprung up in Montserrat. Canyons have also been fitted, usually for the purpose of descent, but some can also be climbed. Over twenty of these two types of pathways can be found in Montserrat. The Montserrat Mountain Guides will accompany you along these itineraries, which, thanks to their stunning beauty and features, allow you to enjoy the many trilling sensations generated by this vertical terrain, until recently only reserved for experienced climbers, without the risks involved in climbing.

Multi Activity

In this section, the Montserrat Mountain Guides classify all the proposals so that the visitor can enjoy more than one activity at a time. For example, depending on the proposals, you will be able to do climbing, go on nature trails, ferrata, dry Canyoning and various other activities. These correspond mainly to visitors actually staying in Montserrat, but also to different courses. They normally last several days, and we believe this is the best way to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the mountain, through the different disciplines of sports that take place in the environment. However, they can also be combined with a wide range of guided cultural or spiritual visits that the Monastery offers.

Natural Activity

The mountain of Montserrat has, by its geographical location and geological composition, several characteristics that make it a very special setting for flora and fauna. The status of Mediterranean ecosystem par excellence, but with considerable high differences, allows for the presence of a rich and varied natural community, well worth discovering and preserving. The extensive network of paths throughout the mountain range facilitates the visit, while creating nature walks of various lengths and difficulties, from small one-hour tours to workshops that can last several days. Montserrat Mountain Guides offer nature walks of varying lengths. In addition, depending on their interests, visitors can choose, and even propose, specific routes in order to investigate various aspects of the mountain’s biodiversity, or routes that pass through certain areas of the range.

Montserrat Mountain Guides are committed to tailoring their itineraries, and to create specific proposals depending on the visitors. Here, for example, is a list of general nature walk topics which you can ask for:

  • General: On these routes visitors can discover the species of plants and animals that are common to the mountain.
  • Recovery after bushfires. These routes are in areas that have suffered serious fires in the past. The current state of the vegetation gives us the opportunity to discuss the different strategies adopted by the species after a fire.
  • Aromatic plants. These tours show visitors which aromatic plants and herbs can be found on Montserrat.
  • Signs and songs. These itineraries teach visitors to determine the presence of certain species of animals that are often difficult to see, but do leave trails, if you know where to look. We also try to identify (and see, if they let us!) birds by their song.

Rock Climbing

The mountain of Montserrat is probably the world's most famous conglomerate rock climbing destinations, and it is only 50 kilometers far from Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia, Spain. There are thousands of routes of all lengths, orientations and styles, big walls, needles, and there are numerous sport climbing crags: this is the legacy that many years of rock climbing has left us. Our fully qualified professional mountain guides offer you a wide range of activities aimed at all levels, from introductory courses to guiding and assisting climbers of a higher level.

Guies de Muntanya de Montserrat

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