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The Unique Retreat with The Personal Touch

One of the best health retreats and spa’s in New Zealand – Shunyata!

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand is a replenishing hideaway that can allow you to let go of your stresses and release toxins from your body. The Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa is definitely one of the best retreats for health around, they offer a wide variety of practices such as yoga, meditation, detox, weight loss programs, couples retreats, spa treatments, emotional healing and more. This unique and secluded gem offers many benefits to increase the quality of your life. The programs and treatments offered at Shunyata cater to each individual person in order to give you the best experience. Prepared to feel rejuvenated and ready for whatever experience life hands you! Come for a day, 3/5 or 7 days, this is a great opportunity for anyone looking for relaxation in New Zealand.

“If you want the body and soul as your temple, then Shunyata is your sanctuary”

A Top spa in New Zealand - Shunyata

Your sublime and peaceful journey into pure relaxation begins on your ferry ride leaving the city and heading towards a serene spa experience in New Zealand. Personal one-on-one attention is what you will receive here and they cannot wait to take you to their Zen sanctuary. Many treatments including aromatouch essential oil massage, craniosacral balancing, reflexology, ayurveda treatments and an ozone sauna.. These spa treatments can take you from being uptight and tense to a feeling of overwhelming calmness. The quality of life isn’t just about feeling relaxed and peaceful but also being healthy and happy in your skin. Shunyata offers programs for Detoxing, Weight Loss and Eating healthy. For many people this is an extremely complicated and harsh task, but the experience and specialized team and Shunyata will guide you and motivate you throughout the process.

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Emotional Healing & Couples Retreat in New Zealand

Shunyata offers emotional healing and growth as well as therapy for couples, making this a great choice for a New Zealand retreat for partners. Emotional counselling with the journey method and the enneagram. This is a practice used for those who are emotionally wounded from trauma, sexual abuse, grief, depression, anxiety, stressed, and unhappy. It allows them to start on the lifelong journey of working on your inner self and allowing yourself to emotional freedom. The team will be your partner in discovering many things about yourself and allow you to begin the process of healing from your past. Paru also offers counseling to couples who have communication issues or want to work on their relationship.

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