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The Rainforest Inn

Elegant, secluded, and enveloped by the jungle, The Rainforest Inn offers a getaway for couples, be it on a honeymoon or a romantic reconnection; for travelers seeking an exotic escape; or those who just need a memorable break from the usual routine. Perched on the Northern edge of the El Yunque National Forest, at our rustic "boutique style" bed and breakfast you can experience a touch of luxury while footsteps from one of the most impressive natural sites in the United States.

At the Rainforest Inn we offer our guests luxury in a terrestrial paradise. Amidst the finest of linens and the antique furniture and cabinets, the spacious showers, bathrooms, and bedrooms, the Rainforest Inn is distinguished by the staff's personal service and islander's intimate knowledge, as well as a limited number of guests. Without your U.S. passport, feel like you're a thousand miles from civilization, yet immerse yourself in the local Puerto Rican culture. In just ten minutes time you could find yourself wandering popular Luquillo kioskos. Or, in a little more time walking the streets of historic Old San Juan.

"This is a beautiful spot with lush tropical landscaping - comfortable and peaceful...‘If you can't relax here, you can't relax...'" OpenRoadChuck (FL)

After enjoying a day out, return to the Inn and relax as the coqui's song soothes your mind as you slip into sleep. Awaken early to watch the sun rise over the Caribbean sea. Prepare a cup of coffee or tea in your villa, and lay back in your hammock as you wait for the delectable vegetarian breakfast being prepared.Let nature enrapture you as you trek through the undergrowth on our private Lost Machete hike to the top of the Espiritu Santo waterfall. Atop your private waterfall, sun and picnic among the centuries-old stones, or swim in the deep cool natural pool. Return to the Inn, and allow our private masseuse to take you to the peak of relaxation in our peaceful yoga room.

During your stay, be sure to catch the sweeping panoramas of both the caribbean, and the rainforest alike. Spot the peerless variety of tropical birds around the property, and delight in the abundant leaping anoles. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve built here, (especially considering where we started), however, we really want your stay to be highlighted by the timeless natural beauty that encompasses our property. We are devoted to keeping El Yunque exactly the way it is, that’s why we are passionate about making the Rainforest Inn as sustainable as it can be.

Whatever you're looking for, be it plush pillows and a charming room, or maybe a place that cares as much about this planet as you do, or perhaps adventure's in your blood, and you'd like to escape into nature, ultimately, if you're just looking for a unique, relaxing, and beautiful place to spend your next vacation, let us be your hosts and we'll show a side of Puerto Rico that only a few people ever get to see.

A panoramic of our Villa, with two beds, a fireplace, two mayan wedding hammocks, and a beautiful view of the Caribbean, we'd love to have you for your next romantic retreat.




Enjoy a quiet afternoon on the Jungle Suite Patio

Romantic, spacious and with views of the El Yunque canopy to spare, the Jungle Suite offers guests the chance to live in nature's lap without sacrificing any luxury. With a large bathroom, an ample-sized kitchen area, and a high-perched porch perfect for relaxing, our newest villa will have you resting easy in our utterly unique swing bed after a long, rugged hike or a day at Luquillo beach. Designed for one couple. Click here for more info.


Our Villa is rustic luxury in a two bedroom suite; with a claw foot bath tub, antique furniture, a large private porch, and two bedrooms each with a queen bed, this suite is surely a favorite of our guests. Sip a hot cup of wonderful Puerto Rican coffee while watching the sun rise over the caribbean, or hang out in one of our two Mayan wedding hammocks and take in the stars while enjoying a nightcap. However you like it, the Villa is a room you won't soon forget. Click here for more info.



The wonderful view from our Chalet

With a view in every room, enough space to suit four guests, and a full kitchen, feel at home amidst the tree ferns and the high palms in our Chalet. Lined with original cedar, this suite is great for groups (with an additional $25 fee per person), and we encourage you to enjoy a cool beverage on the wrap-around porch surrounding the rooms, and take in every sight the Rainforest Inn has to offer. Click here for more info.

Margarita's "Villa Hermosa" Weddings

SDC17890.jpg SDC17837.jpg SDC17880.jpg SDC17898.jpg

Right across the street from the Rainforest Inn, and operated by its owners, Margarita's guest house has everything you need for your next Puerto Rican wedding party, family reunion, or corporate retreat. While the Rainforest Inn cultivates a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, and doesn't allow young children as a consequence, Margarita's has no age limit and you're even allowed to bring a single pet. With five bedrooms, a frankly gigantic living room, a full kitchen, and an in-ground pool overlooking five acres of grounds backing into the rainforest, Margarita's “Villa Hermosa” Guest House has everything your group will need on your next visit to the island. Located very close to the entrance to El Yunque National forest, Margarita’s offers the uncommon combination of space, luxury, and natural wonder, and it ain’t too far from the beach either.

margarita 2nd living room.png

Settle into your own private home in the El Yunque Rainforest at Margarita’s “Villa Hermosa.” Operated by the Rainforest Inn, and owned by Margarita, the “Villa Hermosa” offers enough room for not just you and your kids, but for everybody at your next family reunion. At "Villa Hermosa" you can now enjoy breakfast every morning while still enjoying the privacy of a vacation rental atmosphere. Breakfast requests must be made when initially booking your reservation.

With five well-appointed bedrooms, four and half baths, a private pool, and five acres of manicured jungle gardens to run around in, Margarita’s offers families and groups of friends, or coworkers, the space they need, and the privacy and seclusion of very few properties on the island. While the Rainforest Inn will aid in the check-in process once you make your way up the mountain, after that we’re completely out of your hair (unless you need us), and you're free to make this luxurious space your own. The listed rate is for eight adults, but we can accommodate additional individuals for a $25 surcharge apiece (no charge for children under twelve) up to a total of ten people. Visit Margarita's "Villa Hermosa," and discover how comfortable a family rainforest stay can be.

Uncover the Secrets of Puerto Rico

Discover the secret waterfalls of the Rainforest

If you come to stay with us, we know you won’t be able to resist blazing a trail through the enchanted El Yunque Rainforest. Whether you choose to brave our exclusive Lost Machete Hike, or embark on the numerous trails the national park offers just seconds from your door, we call ourselves the Rainforest Inn with good reason. But, if you do find yourself among the misty peaks of El Yunque one hour, we can’t guarantee you won’t be wading in the warm waters of Luquillo beach the next. Whatever you came to Puerto Rico for, we can assure you that driving times to wherever you need to go will be nice and short.

In less than half an hour, you can venture to Fajardo’s Seven Seas beach for eye-popping snorkel and scuba tours. Take a kayaking excursion to the magical Bioluminescent Bay, or just take in the views of the leaning palms.

Take off on a starlit tour to the magnificent Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo

Looking for a memorable meal? A slew of local restaurants offer up gourmet Puerto Rican, Italian, Spanish and Latin American cuisine just a few miles away, and we would be more than happy to recommend someplace special. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more casual, we can endorse a dozen bars and restaurants on Luquillo beach’s famous row of Kioskos, just ten minutes from the Inn.

Team Spirit Hang Gliding and Paragliding

After spending several years on this island, we’ve crossed paths with hundreds of incredible people, and lucky for us, a lot of them offer unique, private tours. Whether you’re craving horseback riding on the beach, or a snorkel tour without the taste of all the other tourist's sunscreen floating in the water, a self-guided tour where a bonafide pirate can show you the secrets of the bio bay, or an adventure into El Yunque complete with pre-colonial Arawak petroglyphs, with a little help from our friends, we can guarantee a truly one-of-a-kind vacation for you and yours.

Breakfast Time

We often think that people come to the Rainforest Inn for the exotic location, or the experience of nature, or just as an escape from ordinary life, but we have to believe that one of the things our guests appreciate most about our Inn is our breakfast. After being lulled to sleep by the sound of rain and the coqui frogs, what could be better than a hot, fresh, healthy, and undeniably scrumptious meal waiting for you just footsteps from your door?

Our Famous Chocolate Waffles with Mocha Syrup, this time topped with home-grown Starfruit Delicious Mango Mimosas Served for Sunday Breakfast.

We know that you only have so much time on the island, and while a part of you will probably just want to relax on the property, we would hope our daily vegetarian breakfasts will fill you up with the good stuff you’ll need for the day ahead, be it surfing at Luquillo beach, or tackling our semi-challenging Lost Machete hike. We offer one boutique breakfast item daily, but if your tastes are on a different wavelength, or if you have allergies, are vegan, gluten-free, or otherwise we’d be happy to afford you perhaps a less lavish, but still delicious alternative.

If you’d like something sweet, our Guava and Cream Cheese-stuffed French Toast might be a can’t miss (see recipe below). If you’re into something a little more classic, we do a delicious Eggs Florentine (pictured above) with creamy ricotta cheese, luscious hollandaise, and crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside roasted potatoes. Whatever your tastes, I can assure you that between the fresh papaya, banana and ginger smoothy, our tropical Sunday mimosas, or our Homemade Chocolate Waffles with a Mocha Syrup, there’s a bite of food or a sip of something wonderful waiting for you here at the Rainforest Inn. Perhaps a bite that'll just make you come back and visit us again.

Guava and Cream Cheese stuffed French Toast Delicious, and Healthy, Green Smoothie

The Birds and Wildlife of El Yunque

Our Bed and Breakfast lies on the edge of the El Yunque Rainforest, a forest which got its name after the Indian spirit of Yuquiye, which translates as “Forest of Clouds”. The forest possesses a remarkable biological diversity. The total area of the rainforest is 11,270 ha and hosts 75% of Puerto Rico’s virgin forest with over 240 species (26 species are found nowhere else) of trees and plants. The El Yunque Rainforest resembles a large tropical greenhouse full of colourful plants and rare bird species.

If you sit beside our koi pond long enough, you just might get a visit from this friendly fellow -- Our Resident Green Heron.

Four habitat types are supported here, generally divided by altitude and exposure to climate (lower mountain rain forest, upper mountain rain forest, palm forest and elfin woodland) which provides extraordinary fauna and flora. With an elevation of 780 feet the Rainforest Inn belongs to the lower mountain rain forest. This forest is locally called the Tabonuco type. The Tabonuco is a tall tree, sometimes reaching 100 feet, which dominates the forests canopy.

Our Bed and Breakfast blends perfectly into this rainforest and offers a relaxing place to observe birds of the forest at a close distance. Two hundred and thirty-nine bird species occupy the island of Puerto Rico, 12 of which are endemic to Puerto Rico and 2 endemic to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. A variety of fruit trees, bromeliads, orchids and heliconias, found on our property, attract many species of birds including colourful humming birds, tame bananaquits and endemic lizard cuckoos.

The best chance to spot this buzzing birdlife is from daybreak to the first half of the morning (6am-9am). For those who are more active, a hike on our property which leads to a waterfall, is a good way to spot birds and enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

Every nature lover will appreciate the evening concert of coqui frogs (Eleutherodacty-lus coqui). These frogs are endemic to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and make a distinct “wik-wik” sound throughout the night. The nearby nature walks, dense rainforest, colourful flowers and breathtaking waterfalls are inspiring elements for any artist or photographer and provide a unique holiday for any art or nature enthusiast.

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