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Kitesurfing-School and official Dealer of CORE Kites in Colombia. Private classes in English, German, Spanish on lonely beach.

Whether you are an avid kitesurfer or looking for the perfect spot to learn this exhilarating sport, Pure Kitesurf in Cartagena is the perfect partner for your kitesurfing dream. Their equipment is always cutting-edge, their location is private, ensuring few obstacles in your way (like swimmers and other kitesurfers), and their IKO certified courses the world standard. For beginners, this company and their elite service are primed to introduce you to this fascinating sport and get you up on the board in no time. For experts in search of their next kitesurfing destination, this under-the-radar option leaves nothing to be desired.

Why We Highly recommend Pure Kitesurf

Colombia is a destination that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. The unique culture, friendly locals, and incredible watersport opportunities make it a great place to go. If in search of the perfect place to kitesurf head to Cartagena for your getaway. Pure Kitesurf has free shuttle services from the city to their hidden stretch of sand. This is the perfect spot for beginners to learn the sport. It can be stressful and more difficult trying to learn anything when you have lots of eyes on you, especially a watersport like kitesurfing. This is why this location and this company are the perfect pairing. You'll be surrounded by like minded adventurers, who support your new endeavor.

Another outstanding feature at Pure Kitesurf is the team. Some are IKO certified (the world standard in kitesurfing), and they all teach IKO-Standarts. Their ability to get even the most nervous kitesurfer up on the board and gliding along the water is simply inspiring. Their combination of academic, demonstrative, and hands-on teaching has become a trademark.

Group sizes are purposely small. This ensures students get their instructors complete attention, as well as it adds to the comfort level of the student.

In addition to lessons, Pure Kitesurf is a retailer of kitesurfing equipment. This means they have a huge variety and the most up to date equipment in the industry. You are sure to have gear that is comfortable and fits perfectly.

Courses are offered in four languages and for almost every age. This is a great family activity, one that is fun and sure to create special lasting memories. Some parents worry more about their own physical abilities but know that if you can stand, walk and swim, you can kitesurf. Embrace your child's sense of adventure on your next family getaway.

Pure Kitesurf knows all the best spots for every level of expertise in the area ... so, if there is no wind on one beach, they can easily adjust and go to another. They keep their thumb on the pulse of daily conditions and know where to go before you arrive.

For advanced kitesurfers planning their next trip, Pure Kitesurf has tons of places to recommend and equipment for rent or for sale. They are an essential tool in making your trip easy to organize and execute.

Kitesafari Vacation in Cartagena, Colombia

You can join in on a group of four, or organize a private kitesurfing vacation to Colombia with Pure Kitesurf. This six-day adventure includes everything you need, at an extremely affordable rate. $850USD for 6 days, five night, 3 meals per day, accommodation, kitesurfing every day, transport, and guide. An incredible deal for every skill level.

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