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Welcome To Passion Jewellers

Passion Jeweller creates stunning, luxurious, and jaw dropping pieces in the Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai. Create a custom crafted ring that holds all of the 4 c's (cut, carat, color, and clarity) and matches the ring of your dreams with this family run business that adds a personal touch to all their pieces.

Passion Jeweller prioritizes each customers needs and make 100% sure they know exactly what the customer wants. Specializing in engagement rings, wedding rings, bridal necklaces, they make sure each piece is delivered with the highest quality.

Who We Are

Passion Jewellers is a family owned business based at the most prestigious Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai. Passion specialize in engagement rings, wedding bands, Bridal necklace sets with our forte being bespoke high end designs. All our diamonds are individually selected for a maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation, all ready for your custom made piece. At Passion Jewellers, our aim is to focus on each individual customer s needs, not only by giving them a personal service, but also giving them the assurance that they will be receiving the highest product quality by creating a masterpiece. Our aftercare is flawless, like our diamonds!

Whilst diamond jewellery is our speciality, we also stock precious gemstones including Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, Tanzanite and Pearls. We thrive on seeing our customers returning time and again. What starts as shopping for your special engagement ring, turns into our customers coming back for their wedding rings for the groom and bride to be. We love making the unusual to fit your engagement ring style or you can have the choice of our extensive wedding ring sets. When you think of Passion Jewellers, think of luxury, 7 star VVIP treatment that you will get the minute you walk through our door.

The 4 C's


The cut of your diamond is probably the most important as it determines the level of sparkle, brilliance and fire and beauty in your gem. Click here for more information on the cut.


The term “carat” refers to a diamond’s weight, simply telling us how big it is. Therefore, this is the most price sensitive part of a diamond. Carat is a measurement of weight, not size and so the overall diameter (mm) could differ slightly even though the carat weight is correct. Image is not to scale. Diamond pictures are shown for comparison purpose only. Actual size can vary depending on your screen resolution, monitor size, etc.Click here for more information on the carat.


The best and rarest diamonds appear to be colorless (white). The color then is graded down to near colorless and are graded D to I. D and E are the extremely rare and best quality. Passion Jewellers Ideal Color Grade – G – H grades with medium to no fluorescence are a perfect choice for those who prefer colorless stones but are constrained by their budget. Click here for more information on the Color.


Clarity grading is to measure the position, volume and colour of the inclusions. FL or IF (flawless or internally flawless) diamonds have the best clarity and are the most expensive ones. Diamonds marked I (visible inclusions) are the poorest. Passion Jewellers Ideal Clarity Grade – If you prefer a diamond with no inclusions visible to the naked eye, then VS1 or VS2 would be an ideal clarity match for you. However diamonds with SI1 or SI2 clarity are also a neat choice and are generally referred to as Eye-Clean Diamonds. Click here for more information on the Clarity.

Engagement Rings

A couple’s engagement ring symbolizes the never ending circle of love and devotion they have for one another. At Passion Jewellers, we understand just how important this ring is to you both and we are here to offer our expertise in helping you choose the right ring.

Wedding Sets

Passion Jewellers love helping to make your special day extra special by offering you the chance to have matching wedding and engagement ring sets. Available in engagement ring, wedding ring and an eternity ring.

Wedding Rings

At Passion Jewellers, we have many beautiful ways to help you show your love to one another when you say ‘I do’.

Full Diamond Sets

At Passion Jewellers, we have a large varied range of diamond necklace, ring and earring sets. Perfect as a gift for the bride on her wedding day, or as a gift to show your affection any time of the year.


We love offering our customers a wide range of bracelets. Whether you want a tennis bracelet or just a simple chain bracelet, Passion Jewellers can offer you it all!


From 1 carat diamond solitaire earrings to extreme opulence, let Passion Jewellers help to create your perfect diamond earrings.

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