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Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates

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An Elegant Beachfront Oasis

Welcome To One&Only The Palm Dubai

An elegant beachfront oasis of luxuriant gardens and cascading fountains nestles peacefully on Palm Island. Dubai's most intimate seaside enclave commands an enviable spot on a private peninsula of Palm Island.

Rimmed with a stunning secluded beach, with privileged views of the impressive New Dubai skyline.

History & Culture

Whilst archeological discoveries trace the history of Dubai to prehistoric times, it has only been within the last 50 years, when oil was discovered here in 1966, that Dubai became the intriguing metropolis that it is today; a place where revered Bedouin traditions and ancient souks harmoniously coexist alongside dazzling skyscrapers and the world's largest malls.

It’s hard to imagine that Dubai was once a fishing village reliant on the harvest of the sea, boat-building and pearling. With an interest in trade routes, Portuguese explorers arrived in the 16th century, and in the early 1800s the British negotiated maritime truces with local leaders, which is why the area now known as the U.A.E. was once called the Trucial Coast.

In 1833, Maktoum Bin Butti led a Bani Yas tribe from the Liwa Oasis, the southernmost Bedouin settlements in Abu Dhabi, to settle on the shores of Dubai and declare the town’s independence from Abu Dhabi. Interestingly, the Maktoum family still rules the emirate today. Throughout the 19th century, Dubai became the Gulf’s major port, with pearling the foundation of the city’s prosperity.

It was the discovery of oil in Dubai’s Fateh Oil field in the 1960s that set Dubai on a fast-track to exceptional growth as a major world hub of finance, architecture and hospitality. With a population of about 2.4 million, Dubai is the second largest member of the U.A.E., and the country’s most important port and commercial centre. In keeping with the welcoming spirit of its Bedouin heritage, Dubai today extends a warm "Marhaba", a welcome, to both leisure and business travellers, offering facilities of the highest international standard combined with the charm and adventure of the Middle East, an exceptional blend of modern city and desert.


Exceptional splendour within; but it's the stunning scenery on the horizon that enchants.

Manor House

At the heart of the resort, elegantly intricate flourishes of Moorish and Andalusian architecture crown the Manor House overlooking a shimmering pool and cascading palm terraces. Click here to see the rooms inside the Manor House!

Palm Beach Mansions

In a land of soaring skyscrapers and logic-defying architecture, find serenity and seclusion in these tranquil low-rise hideaways offering unparalleled proximity to the beach. Most with sea views, the six Palm Beach Mansions incorporate a cluster of eight to ten independent Premiere Rooms, Junior Suites and Executive Suites, some with private pools. Click here to see the rooms inside the Palm Beach Mansions! 

Beachfront Villas

Beachfront living in glorious seclusion. The ultimate in serenity and spaciousness, with exceptional standards of privacy and personalised service. Click here to see our beachfront villa rooms!

The Spa

Since its creation in 1828, Guerlain has drawn inspiration from nature and its many wonders to formulate its excellent fragrance, make up and skincare. Guests will be offered personalized spa treatments in an exquisite setting where every treatment will be transformed into a unique and personal occasion, a moment created especially for you.

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