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Private New York City Tours And More In English and In German

Welcome To Oliday Tours

Do you speak English or "Deutsch" and want to experience the most unique way of traveling and sightseeing? Are you looking for an exclusive, personalized and customized way to experience New York City & Northern New Jersey? Above all, do you want to have a lot of fun and a good time? If "YES", then OliDayTours is the right tour operator and trip organizer for you. Please get in touch with us for individual information about OliDayTours and what we can do to make your Holidays one of the best times ever! Exceeding your expectations is part of our philosophy!

Friendly, Helpful and Very Useful Service

While on a tour with OliDayTours your holiday in New York will be made a whole lot easier! Your certified NYC Sightseeing Guide doesn't just take you on a fascinating tour but also understands your interests, capabilities, and characteristics before taking you on a tour, this allows your tour guide to give you the best tour possible and allows you to sit back and have everything planned for you. Your tour guide also takes around 150-200 photos during your tour so there is no need to stress about getting the perfect shot of New York City, once the tour is over he will share it with you on dropbox or whatever method you prefer.

A huge advantage of taking a trip with OliDayTours is also that you can contact Oliver at anytime before and during your stay in New York City to get a better feel of where to eat based on your taste and budget, best way to transport yourself from place to place and also beautiful sightings you cannot miss before your departure! Truly a remarkable experience in a wonderful, stress free way!

Some Of The Top Tours

Here are some of the most popular tours offered at OliDayTours but definitely not all of them! Here is the list too see all of our tours!

New York City Bike Tour / Central Park Bike Tours

Imagine yourself riding a bike not only through Central Park, but down 5th Avenue past Rockefeller Center, along Battery Park City with the view of the Statue of Liberty or even across the Georg Washington Bridge and past the Little Red Lighthouse (bikes are not included, but Oli will give you his tour guide rates when renting bikes) – it all depends on, WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE – and you will be amazed by the private New York City Bike Tour with Olidaytours and Oli will make sure to exceed your expectations! Helmets need to be worn for obvious reasons and a waiver form needs to be signed as with all of our tours. The private New York City Bike Tour is available in German and in English.

If you have the right clothes to wear, there is no too cold day, bikes are not included in the price but a rental place will be recommended prior to the tour to get discounted rates. For more information on this tour Click Here.

Private Walking Tours in New York City

This private, 4 hour New York City Walking Tour & Sightseeing Tour (NYC auf Deutsch & in English) is perfect for first time New York City visitor. It can also be booked as a NYC Sight-Running Tour! The Tour is also available as a private 6 or 8 hour New York City Walking and Sightseeing Tour (NYC auf Deutsch & in English) or any length of time, that you want to tour NYC for.As mentioned above, it can be arranged as a customized New York City Walking Tour, in a normal pace to see highlights of NYC, connecting between the Times Square Area and the Financial District by subway (public transport is not included!). For the sports enthusiasts of you, Oli also offers this New York City Walking Tour as a Sight-Running Tour.

This basically means, that your feet are your own form of transportation for the duration of the tour – seeing sights at the Times Square area and along Broadway or along the Hudson River to make it down into the Financial District – running, or as Olidaytours calls it #sightrunning ! Click here for more information on this tour!

NYC Skyline Tour

Where else than on an NYC Skyline Tour would photographers get those amazing pictures of the New York City skyline? Where can you find the famous Historic Trilogie (The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and CRRNJ Terminal)? The NYC Skyline Tour with OliDayTours will show you the, for most New Yorkers, unknown places! All this and much more is right across from New York City. I am not talking about Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx or Queens, but about the New Jersey Side of the Hudson River. This is where Frank Sinatra was born, where the tallest building of New Jersey was built, where you can escape the fast New York City way, where Alexander Hamilton got shot in 1804 and where you can get the best views of the New York City skyline. Click here for more information on this tour!

NYC Children Tour / NYC Family Tours

NYC is the place for adventure and fun, not only for adults. It is especially a place for children to go and explore and learn all about one of the greatest cities in the world on an NYC Children Tour. The Central Park Zoo, a boat ride on the Hudson, a visit to the M&M store, the Disney Store, Macy´s on Herald Square Park, . . . . are just some must see and must visit places for children – and OliDayTours will make sure to show your kids even more! OliDayTours offers exclusive NYC Children Tours as well as Tours for the whole family, so make sure to get in contact with Oli and be ready for lots of energy and fun on an NYC Children Tour!

Let Oli know if you are planning a birthday party – this is the perfect activity you want to send your kids on and Oli will be with them, making sure they are always safe and are having a great time seeing new places in NYC. Click here for more information on this tour!

Private NYC Tour & Hoboken – Jersey City – Northern New Jersey

Olidaytours is offering his NYC Tour as a personalized, customized, private Tour, with a chance to also see Hoboken, Jersey City and Northern New Jersey. A private NYC Tour with Oli, your certified NYC Sightseeing Guide, is not only for tourists coming to the New York City area for the first time. The tours include private sightseeing, sight-running, hiking, walking, and biking Tours in “The Big Apple”, Weehawken, Hoboken, Jersey City and Northern New Jersey. Come hiking to incredible lookouts in the State of New Jersey, from which you will get breathtaking views right across tree covered hills down to beautiful lakes.

See the skyscrapers of Manhattan, that seem to be visible from places, where you don`t really expect to see them at all! Click here for more information on this tour!

Octoberfest Tour and Sights of Bavaria

Bavaria, in the heart of Europe, has so much to offer. Its capitol city, Munich, has been holding the Octoberfest celebration since 1810. It is the ultimate festival, not only for beer lovers. What better way to experience this festival than with a local from Bavaria on an authentic Octoberfest Tour? OliDayTours offers a trip of a lifetime to Bavaria during the Octoberfest time. Join us for some beers and sausages in an authentic beer tent on our Octoberfest Tour this year. Every year Munich hosts the world largest fair. Besides the Octoberfest Oli also offers an optional tour around the beautiful state of Bavaria. Click here for more information on this tour!

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