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Private Charter Tours And Cruises Of NYC Harbor

Welcome To New York Harbor Tours

See New York as few people ever experience it. Don't be a another sardine on a crowded tour boat, see the sights from the deck of your own private vessel. We'll give you a unique, personal cruise that the packed tour boats can't match.

Tours for up to 6 people starting at just $425 with pickups available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey. Our boat can accommodate up to six passengers and is operated by knowledgeable, Coast Guard licensed crews.

About The Boat

The New York Harbor Tours boat is crewed by USCG-licensed captains with more than a decade of experience navigating the New York Harbor and beyond. The crew is knowledgeable about New York and it's waterfront sights in particular. Our dedicated tour boat, Tireless has:

  • A large open deck perfect for spreading out and taking in the sights.
  • A protected cabin with comfortable seating—(perfect shelter from a passing summer shower).
  • A clean, working head (bathroom).
  • A small but efficient galley perfect for storing and heating any drinks or food.
  • We are a BYOB boat but have coolers available to keep your drinks icy cold.


We'll give you an intimate, one-of-a-kind view of New York and its waterways, views and iconic sights, from the Statue of Liberty and downtown's skyline to the lesser seen but equally stunning vistas offered by New York's famed rivers. Our crews are Coast Guard licensed, professional and knowledgeable. We'll give you a unique, personal cruise the packed tour boats can't match. Scroll down for tour options and directions. Or call today for details. Click here for more information on our tours!

Daytime Downtown Loop Cruise

This is a 90 minute tour that has a maximum of 6 people. You will be departing from Pier 25 downtown, then you will loop around the tip of Manhattan, nosing your way up the East and Hudson Rivers, then cruise out to the Statue of Liberty for an intimate look. This tour costs $425.

Manhattan Circumnavigation Cruise

This is a 3 hour tour that is maximum 6 people. Also one of our most popular tours. It is an incredible and unique way to take in the beauty, size and diversity of Manhattan's architecture and sights. The cost of this tour is $750.

Sunset Skyline Cruise

This is a 90 minute tour that has a maximum of 6 people. You will be able to see the skyline lit up from the tranquil night waters of the Harbor. This tour costs $550.

Palisades Sunset Cruise

This is a 2 hour tour. Where you will get away from the bustle. We'll cruise up the Hudson River past the George Washington Bridge where the verdant green cliffs of the Palisades form a tranquil, romantic backdrop. This tour costs $575.

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