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Navua, Fiji

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Fiji's best kept secret

This beautiful lodge has recently opened and is ready to welcome the traveller who is looking for something different in the heart of Fiji. Situated about 30 kilometres inland from Navua town, accessible by short ride on a long boat punt.

Just relax on the beach by the river or try the various activities on offer for your enjoyment. See more than 20 waterfalls on the way. Then there's bush trekking, fishing and a bilibili ride (bamboo raft) for the adveturous.

The river flows by gently, and you may often see the local villagers floating by on a bilibili – a bamboo raft – taking their vegetables down-river to markets, or just using the raft as transport. The Fijian will also often use a bamboo log as river transport, providing he is travelling down river. The river is beautifully clear and swimming and fishing are easy, relaxing pass-times. When rainfall is heavy, the river may cloud, but will soon clear again as the rain abates

Trekking is a favourite adventure for visitors, and there are many beautiful tracks that can be taken, past rivulets and waterfalls, and a village visit can also be arranged if requested. Horse riding can also be arranged for the intrepid, alternatively, the beach area is vast soft, and ready for anyone who just wants to sunbathe.

In the evening, the entertainment is provided by the Lodge proprietor and often men and lads from the surrounding villages will come to enjoy the famous Fijian kava ceremony, which the visitor will be invited to share. Most Fijians can play the guitar and ukulele, and their beautifully harmonious singing will bring tears to the eyes of the listener. The Fijian has a good sense of humour, and many jokes and stories will be shared at these gatherings.

Three meals daily are served to the visitor, or if preferred, you can provide your own food and self-cater. On occasions a ‘lovo’ meal may be served. This is a meal that has been cooked in an outside underground oven, and the result is just delicious, tender food.

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