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Off-The-Beaten-Track And Jungle Adventure Tours

Welcome To Mr Linhs Adventures Travel

This is absolutely a first choice for those who love adventure! The tours offered here at Mr Linhs Adventures Travel are filled with knowledge, history, culture, fun and wisdom. A tour lead by Mr Linhs Adventures Travel is one of quality that will leave you falling in love with Vietnam's landscapes and it's grace.

You are probably looking for a beautiful and enchanting location to visit with a friend or a partner and this is definitely why you have chose Vietnam. There is beauty in almost everything you see here in Vietnam and its all waiting for you!

About Us

Mr Linh’s Adventure Travel is a professional, enthusiastic travel company, specialising in off-the-beaten-track and jungle adventure tours in remote areas Vietnam. Mr Linh’s Adventure Travel holds an International Tour Operator’s Certificate issued by the National Tourism Bureau of Vietnam, and is made up of a professional team of experts on nature research, safety, tourism and sustainable development.

Whether you prefer long treks, sleeping under the stars in a hammock in the jungle, swimming underground in river caves, or just taking an exploratory day trip, Mr Linh’s Adventure Travel can provide the right amount of adventure just for you.

Authentic & Original Tours

If you are looking for a truly authentic travel experience in Vietnam, you will get a real local focus when you travel with Mr Linh's Adventures Travel. You will have the opportunity to talk with local people, eat with them and learn about their culture during your journeys from Saigon to Hanoi capital via famous destinations throughout Vietnam.

Some of the tours in this category include the finest spots in Vietnam, the culture, landscapes, traditions and many highlights. Click here to start viewing our Authentic & Original Tours!

Guided Discovery Tours

Choose from our extensive range of guided discovery tours that will take you on amazing adventures to Vietnam’s finest spots. Let your imagination be captivated as you journey across the country discovering the culture and traditions of the people living amongst some the most remarkable landscapes in the world.

From the exhilarating metropolises of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to the awe inspiring vistas of Sapa and Halong Bay, let us show what Vietnam has to offer. Click here too start viewing the Guided Discovery Tours!

Nature & Adventure tours

This is your chance to really explore the amazing natural diversity of Vietnam. Meet the people living harmoniously in these stunning destinations and trek deeper into the wilderness to discover the incredible variety of flora and fauna.

Whether it is kayaking down the glassy rivers, swimming through the crystal cave lakes, or climbing the iconic karst peaks, we want to show you the true power of Vietnam’s natural beauty. Click here to start viewing the Nature & Adventure tours!

Culture & History Tours

Vietnam has a fascinating history with its stability and peaceful state only being a relatively recent development in the county’s narrative. Invasions by China and French colonists may have left a lasting impression on Vietnam but there is no denying that this country has a rich and unique culture of its own. Discover some of the 54 ethnic minority groups that make up this incredibly intricate patchwork of culture and tradition. Let us take you on an adventure to see the sites where this enthralling history played out and laid the foundations for modern day Vietnam. Click here to start viewing the Culture & History Tours!

Multi Day & Extended Tours

Our multi-day and extended tours ensure you are making the most of your adventure in Vietnam. We want you to experience as much of this stunning country as possible. These tours take you to some of the hand-picked destinations that we feel really showcase Vietnam’s beauty. You can choose the right region for you.

From the luxuriant, rolling mountains of the North to the golden sandy beaches of central and southern Vietnam, we will find the perfect adventure for you. Click here to start viewing the Multi Day & Extended Tours!

Day trip & Excursion tours

Our day trip and excursion tours can pack in a full adventure in as little as a day. What really makes these trips special is our dedicated tour guides that can take you to your area of interest and share their expert knowledge with you.

Whether you want to spend the day immersed in history, feed the body and mind with a food tour or visit some of the tranquil temples, our guides will open your eyes to the magic hidden in each and every town. Click here to start viewing our Day Trips & Excursion Tours!

Ha Long Bay Cruises

The premium cruises and tour booking service offered by Mr Linh’s Adventures Travel. Here on our website you can find listings of the best ed cruises of Halong Bay, one of the UNESCO World's Natural Heritage. Ha Long bay cruise is committed to bringing you an unparalleled booking experience, which is not only easy and convenient, but our fully qualified staff will answer just any question you may have about the bay as well. Our price offers you the best value you can find for your trip and your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We want to inspire you with both the beauty of Ha Long bay and also with our hospitality which will make you feel welcomed from the very first moment. Click here to start viewing our Ha Long Bay Cruises!

Mekong Delta Cruises

An unforgettable trip of seeing the Mekong delta is to take a boat trip along Mekong River, you will pass paddy fields, water buffaloes, tangled fruit orchards, and excited, waving children. In the delta’s town, the river remains the central focus of life, ferrying travelers and goods to market and linking the delta with the world beyond. To explore the life of local people in Mekong Delta you take a few days homestay in Cai Be, the floating market in Can Tho, and the hillside pagodas of Chau Doc. The itinerary provides a unique glimpse into the daily life of the mighty deeper Mekong Delta. Click here to start viewing the Mekong Delta Cruises!

Motorbiking Tours & Outdoor Activities

Hit the road as you engage the true adventurer in you on one of our motorbike tours. We believe this is one of the best ways to take in the incredible vistas that streak across Vietnam. Our bike tours will take you to the heart of rural Vietnam and will show you the diversity of the Vietnamese countryside. The dizzying mountains will remind of the power of nature, while the idyllic coastal paths will remind you of its finesse and beauty. Drive across the patchwork of rice paddies and fields and meet the amazing people of Vietnam along the way. Click here to start viewing our Motorbiking Tours and Outdoor Activities!

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