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Welcome to Montevideo city, capital of Uruguay, a unique "melting pot" land. It consists of Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, Swiss, Russian, German, Hungarian, Turkish, among other immigrants. From the indigenous tribes, through European settlement, the Uruguayans have always placed a very high value on freedom, democracy, and equality for all. Discover the beauty of Montevideo, its beaches, parks, squares, and monuments and the legacy of the immigrants. This is an invitation to explore our city, to discover its landscape, with its privileged position between the sea and the fertile land, to explore our streets and the harmony of our spaces, the secrets of our architecture, the symbols of our history and culture.


Tour Length: 4 hours.

Discover the beauty of Montevideo, its beaches, parks, squares, and monuments and the legacy of immigrants. We will visit Squares, Synagogues, Israeli Community of Uruguay (Kehila), Holocaust Memorial, Schools, and different neighborhoods. Montevideo became a home for the Ashkenazim and the Sepharadim, the Germans and the Hungarian Jews. They preserve their religious and social traditions. Here they enjoyed tolerance which was nowhere else to be found in Europe in the ’20s. And above all, they showed a strong sense of solidarity and participated in the different communities, synagogues, schools, newspapers and cultural centers.


Tour Length: 6 hours.

During this beautiful tour, we will visit the most attractive places in the city. We will have the opportunity to know the Old City, with its distinctive and pleasing architecture, the Port Market, Independence Square; Reus Jewish Quarter; Agriculture Market; Jewish Holocaust Memorial; and the beautiful Rambla, a riverside promenade along the shore of River Plate.


It´s an extraordinary building, seat of the Legislative Power of Uruguay. It was inaugurated in 1925. All visitors are surprised by the monumental character of the building, with its neoclassical Greek style whose façade, inner walls, domes, and columns are covered in local marble.


Tour Length: 6 hours.

The wines of Uruguay are spectacular. We visit the wineries where the best Uruguayan wine is produced. This tour includes visiting the highlights of Montevideo and seeing the nearby vineyards, wine boutiques, cellars and tasting the extraordinary products.


Tour Length: full day departing from Montevideo.

Tour Length: half-day departing from seaside city resort.

Visit the main sites of this seaside city, famous throughout the world. See its principal avenue, Juan Gorlero, the yacht pier, Candelaria´s Church, the Sephardic Synagogue Beit Meir- Beit Yacacob, the lighthouse, the the Rambla, the riverside along the beaches, Golf residentials neighborhood, the Brazilian neighborhood of Beverly Hills, the wavy bridge of La Barra, and on Mansa beach "Casapueblo".


Tour Length: full day departing from Montevideo.

Declared by UNESCO World Heritage Historic Site, it is a port tourist city founded in 1680. We will visit the famous and typical neighborhoods, squares, many boutique hotels and chic restaurants in old Portuguese houses, the Gate of the Citadel, streets of Sights, the lighthouse, the beach area, and museums. Colonia is famed as an unspoiled and quiet historic town, it´s certainly very picturesque and crowded on weekends.

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