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When Freshness, Quality and Service Matter; only Melissa’s Will Do!

Welcome To Melissa's Restaurant

Located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, Melissa’s offers a taste of some of the best regional recipes of Banderas Bay seafood. Melissa, her husband Jorge and staff will welcome you and serve you handpicked local produce and fresh fish, illustrating why Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the friendliest cities in Mexico: when you dine at our table you are neither a customer nor a friend, you are part of our extended ever growing family.

Their Story

After Melissa working in the Tourism Industry for many years and Jorge in numerous , now popular restaurants, they decided to build their dream...When Melissa`s opened in 2002 they had in mind that it would be the more common to Puerto Vallarta sea food "fast food joint".

Melissa and he started serving the common dishes a “marisquería”offers, like fish tacos, shrimp cocktails, seafood tostadas, and the like, however with time, experience and love for what they were doing they decided they could do even better, so they started to dedicate extra time and effort to personally pick everything that they prepare. Always searching out the freshest and finest quality ingredients.

“Now that we take so much time picking out supplies” they thought “it would be a shame if it was all just for the typical fast food”. This line of thought lead Melissa’s menu to evolve through the years to include more sophisticated and special regional dishes: recipes that local fishermen use to cook on special occasions, dishes that grandma used to cook when the whole family was visiting and celebrating and dishes that close friends requested of Melissa and Jorge.

Our Cuisine

One of the dishes you have to try when you come is the Extraviado mahi-mahi fish filet, Extraviado means “lost” in Spanish, it is called that way because it gets lost beneath the seafood toppings it is served with. This fresh fish filet is served buried in a mix of shrimp, octopus, scallops, bell pepper and carrots, all cooked in white wine with special seasonings. Another of Melissa’s ‘signature’ dishes is Huauchinango (Red Snapper); a true Puerto Vallarta favorite. Huauchinango is the fishermen’s equivalent of a carne asada. You will be served the whole red snapper deep fried, seasoned in lime and garnished with garlic infused butter.

Are you craving shrimp? We have our own taste when it comes to the usual recipes like breaded, garlic or diabla (spicy) sauce, and if you want to try them all you might want to order the Three Season Shrimp which is a sampler of all three recipes.

And also, for shrimp lovers who want more, we serve some of the largest jumbo shrimp in all of Mexico, a plate of four shrimps the size of your hand –maybe slightly smaller if you have big hands! You may want to try the Portuguese shrimp and the Coconut shrimp. The Portuguese shrimp is the chef’s favorite: stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon. And the coconut shrimp is recommended if you have a sweet tooth, because it comes breaded in coconut and with a mango sauce to dip in.

“But I don’t eat seafood” you may say;’ In that case we will cook for you the arrachera steak fajitas (is this correct? I was not aware you did arrachera fajitas other than in your burrito), a tex-mex classic dish that we left on the menu because our chef’s fajitas are so tasty that our usual clients insisted that we leave on the menu.

When you try Melissa’s we believe you will fall in love with the freshest food to be offered anywhere in greater region of Puerto Vallarta. It will not be what many expect when thinking of ‘Mexican food’. Melissa’s is not about tacos, enchiladas, or carne asada and guacamole (though our customers convey that our guacamole is awesome).

We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon!

So when you come to Melissa’s and join our extended family, you will learn why so many return year after year to experience the freshest and highest quality dishes, served with personal service, that is available anywhere in the region. From our family to yours, we await your visit to Puerto Vallarta and Melissa’s!

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