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Maurice and Sons is more than just a transport company in Anguilla. They provide a personalized service catering to your every need. They will go beyond what is expected to ensure your holiday is filled with any and all the activities to expect from a tropical vacation. All you have to do is talk to Maurice. He will help you plan exciting activities and inform you of some of the countries hidden gem. This is, by my opinion, the best way to discover the true beauty of Anguilla.

transfers, tours, and amazing service with maurice and sons

Whether you need a simple airport transfer or if you need to tour the country side, Maurice and Sons will provide you with an excellent level of customer service.

Not only are they very knowledgeable about all the different attractions, they will also bring you to some of the islands best kept secrets. Such as local restaurants, nightclubs, specialty stores, and hidden lookouts that will take your breath away.

a trusted rental car company in anguilla

Sometimes it's better to tour the island on your own without being rushed by other tourists or having to follow a guided tour. That is why I suggest to rent your own car. This allows you all the free time to do what ever you want.

Anguilla's best car rentals, limo, and tour service is with Maurice & Sons!

Take a drive along the coast line and stop at a secluded beach for a quick swim or picnic on the sand. While driving you will pass many little stores to find unique gifts and souvenirs, and when you get hungry, stop at one of their local restaurants. These locations are away from the tourist traps and offer the true Anguillan experience.

tailored concierge tours and insider recommendations

If you are at your hotel and are getting a little board of the same old beach and restaurants, call Maurice to come pick you up and take you around town. Nothing is off limits with Maurice and Sons as they strive to provide you with anything your heart desires.

Their mission is to deliver upon your every request to ensure your Anguillan holiday is something to remember for years to come. If fact, they are more into making sure you have a great time than trying to make money off of you. This is why Maurice and Sons is my recommendation for the best transport company in Anguilla.

Planning a trip to Anguilla? Call Maurice and Sons before you leave home. They can send you a list of activities designed specifically for your unique lifestyle. They can suggest some great restaurants, exciting activities, and local attractions. This way you can decide where to go before even getting there.

limo services in anguilla

Maurice & Sons has updated vehicles, and every transport need is covered. If you are looking for a limo or high end rental they are the go-to source in Anguilla.

party bus coming soon!

For those planning travel to Anguilla for a destination wedding or group event follow Maurice and Sons on Facebook to find out if you can take advantage of their party bus, which is coming soon!

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