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Welcome To Mandarinablue Tours Day tours

We are a small local company that offers day tours and excursions in & around Alicante city and Costa Blanca. We are looking for people that really want to get off the beaten track and see the unique character of this beautiful region, try the "get-local" experience and adventure in new places and situations. Rent a Friend service! If you are a very small group of friends (aprox.2/7)looking for doing something different in Alicante, why don´t you rent a Spanish friend and he/she will get you closer to our way of living? More information about this service soon!

Our Aim

Whether you choose one of our excursions or one of our rent-a-friends, we would like to offer you a personalised service from knowledgeable, local, Spanish&English speaking guides, visiting unique and authentic places to make your time in Spain an enjoyable and unforgettable travel experience.

Our Philosophy

We love our region so we encourage sustainable travel being always concerned about the impact tourism has in the visited area and trying to minimise this impact as much as possible. We will use local operators that share this philosophy with us. We also want to help villages and communities visited promoting their local products, handicrafts and businesses, so they can see in tourism a way to sustain and develop their economies.

What Makes Mandarinablue Tours Special?

  • We want to welcome you and treat you in a personal way, so you feel you have been part of a different and not conventional experience.
  • For that reason we recommend that our travel groups are small (10/20 people), so we encorage everybody in the group participating in the experience, and this only happens when groups are small.
  • You will get to see places that are dificult to reach if you do not have your own transport.
  • You will be able to just relax and absorb the travel experience without being worried about other practical things (getting lost, not understanding, booking tickets, etc).
  • You will get closer to the local gastronomy, wines and spirits without worrying about drinking driving or driving when you are tired.
  • We take you to the local producers, so this trips are great for buying local products at a better price and excellent quality.

Day Trips

Wine Tour in Alicante

This tour is a mix of culture, scenery and gastronomy but the main purpose of this trip is to show you some places completely off the beaten track and a little secret we have in Alicante: its wine. Departing from different places in the province of Alicante, we will travel by minibus to the main wine region in Alicante; Vinalopó Medio. On the way we can admire the scenery, a lovely countryside surrounded by vineyards, almond and olive trees and beautiful mountains. We will visit one of the only 10 wineries in the world that produce a unique and very authentic type of wine: Fondillón wine. Click here for more information on our Wine Tour in Alicante!

Guadalest & the Mountains

Get away from the coast for a day and come with us to the Marina Alta region where you will be surrounded by stunning rock peaks, green valleys and lovely rural villages that will surprise you. This is one of the most beautiful tours in Alicante province. We will visit Guadalest Valley, placed in between Aitana, La Serrella and La Xortà mountains and its Arabic castle, with spectacular views of the valley and the blue waters of Guadalest reservoir. The uniqueness of this itinerary is the fact that we will go off the beaten track visiting other small villages in this gorgeous valley. Click here for more information on our Guadalest & The Mountains.

Lovely Fishing Villages

Enjoy a day out with us visiting the Costa Blanca and two of its most charming fishing villages; Altea & Villajoyosa. Starting from different points along the coast, we will start our visit going to Villajoyosa, or La Vila as the locals call it. We will see its beautiful coloured houses, old historical city centre and sea promenade, places that will tell us many stories about the past of this charming place and corners where we will take very fine pictures. After this we will visit a chocolate factory. Chocolate industry has been in La Vila for over 150 years, so it is part of its past and present and it is a nice place to try the local chocolate and see how they make it. Click here for more information on our Lovely Fishing Villages!

Monumental Elche & Palm Grooves

The city of Elche is a very unique place. This cosmopolitan city is placed in a beautiful setting; in the middle of a Sea of Palm Trees. Also Elche preserves the delightfulness of an old medieval city with its walls, bridges and monuments and the services and business of a modern and forward city. This tour is a must if you are going to stay in Alicante province for a few days. We will travel by bus from your location to Elches Palm Grooves. On the way you will also get to see the different “Huertos” that are part of this beautiful UNESCOS World Heritage Site. Click here for more information on the Monumental Elche & Palm Grooves!

Tapas Tour Alicante City

Come and enjoy with us doing this Tapas Tour in Alicante where you will discover new flavours and dishes. Also this is a different way to discover the city of Alicante and find out more about its history, way of life and interesting places to visit. As you probably know, the word "Tapas" is used in Spain when we go out to eat in a more informal way at a more informal place. We normally call these places "bars" rather than restaurants. Dress code is less formal, prices are more reasonable, service is faster and you can have just one drink or a full meal based on "tapas" or small dishes of food. Click here for more information on our Tapas Tour Alicante City!

Rice Cooking Experience

Have you ever tried “arroz a banda” or the typical “arroz negro”(black rice)? Both are specialities of Santa Pola and now you not only will have the possibility of trying these delicious dishes but also cooking them yourself. Join us in this unique experience and learn how to cook one of the best rice dishes of the planet! We will meet at 10am at the Tourist Information Office (Centre) next to the City Hall and will start our visit. First we will do a gentle walk while the tour guide tells you a little bit about traditional dishes in Santa Pola, the culture of fishing and other interesting things. After this, we will go to the restaurant. Click here for more information on our Rice Cooking Experience!

Bread, Salt & Olive Oil Tour

Enjoy with a scenery tour that gives you the opportunity to discover the South of Alicante province. This trip combines a beautiful landscape, with local traditions, bird-watching, local food… We will visit an Olive-oil Mill and the salt works in Santa Pola. Bread with salt and olive oil is a popular breakfast all over Spain and it is elaborated with two products very important for our current society; olive oil and salt. Long time ago, they were considered very valuable goods, like gold itself. The history of salt and olive oil is somehow a key to understand a little bit more our ancestors. Click here for more information on our Bread, Salt & Olive Tour!

The Orange Tour

Enjoy a day out walking in the countryside, picking up oranges and visiting the beautiful region of La Safor. We would like to invite you to a different day out; a day out in the landscapes of the Valencian agriculture fields, walking through idyllic orange groves, learning how to pick them and trying this delicious fruit directly from the trees. It is an experience that will connect you with the nature and roots of Valencian culture, as well as enjoying a day out in the countryside and the beauty of its scenery. Click here for more information on our Orange Tour!

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