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Welcome To Lepia Dive Centre

We decided to put aside the big cities and seek the beauty of the enchanted island of Rhodes. For us, diving is fun, fun is life and we live to dive until we grow Lepia !

About Us

Our Diving Centre offers safety and security of the divers as this is our main interest. We have chosen “Aqualung”, one of the most reliable and long lasting companies for diving equipment by Jacques Cousteau, as we want to ensure the safety and pleasure of your diving experience. The diving equipment consists of breathing regulators by Aqualung and Scuba Pro, BCD Aqualung, masks Technisub, long wet suits 5.5 mm, monoshorts 3mm, flippers open and closed style, all with the guarantee of Aqualung. All the bottles are from steel 10 lt, 12 lt, 15 lt, and 6 lt for our young friends and fans of bubble making (A PADI certified course for children)! The bottles are filled by two top quality compressors, L&W 225 E and L&W 280 E.

Beginners Dive

Are you a beginner in SCUBA diving? No problem! No previous experience is necessary. Make a start at Lepia Dive Centre with the DSD from PADI any day you prefer! Just choose a day and develop all the skills necessary to enjoy the seabed to the fullest. The theoretical training takes place at the dive centre and the dive at St. Paul’s Bay in Lindos. The maximum depth we reach in DSD is about 6 meters and the duration of the dive approximately 30 minutes (including underwater skills according to PADI’s safety standards)

  • Qualified instructors’ guidance
  • Practical & theoretical lessons
  • State of the art equipment
  • Free transfer
  • Get your underwater pictures for free!

Qualified Divers

If you are a qualified Diver, Lepia Dive Centre carry out daily group dives at the most spectacular and exciting dive sites in Rhodes.

  • Our certified professional Instructors and Dive Masters along with our state of the art Aqua Lung & Scuba Pro equipment, ensure not only a safe, but also a thrilling underwater adventure in the Mediterranean.
  • We visit 10 different dive spots on a weekly basis! Including the wreck of “Giannoula K.” in Plimmiri, the great cave of Lindos “Cleobulus Tomb” the wall and caves of Pentanissos reefs and amazing passing throughs.
  • The only limitation is your air consumption! There is no time limit for our dives and that is the reason we have an average time of approximately 45 minutes in each dive!
  • Free transfer from your resort upon request

Dive Spots

Fascinating and definitely unexpected variety are some of the words that can accurately describe diving in Rhodes. Located in a short distance from Lindos basin (second deepest spot of the Mediterranean sea) and mostly known for the dramatic walls and the caves, Lindos is the place to dive. Join us for a wreck dive and visit “Giannoula K.” cargo ship, one of the best dives in the Aegean sea. The warm clear waters that can exceed 30 meters visibility, the variety of dive sites and the underwater terrain with the sharp walls and caves for all level divers, provide you with ideal conditions to get your qualification course or upgrade the one you already have with some real adventure dives! Join us in our aquatic world! Our intention is to reveal the excitement and adventures of the sea bottom and to provide you with high quality dives, in the same way that we would like to experience them ourselves.

St. Paul's Reef

Typical Mediterranean Reef. The great visibility combined with the dramatic formations of the rocks create an amazing terrain for a relaxing dive ideal for all level divers and for refresh dives.

St. Paul's Caverns

A complex of a cavern and swim throughs under the rock of the Acropolis of Lindos.

Pentanissos Islet

A complex of caverns on a sharp wall right on the edge of Lindos basin (second deepest spot of the Mediterranean sea). "Fly" in the clear deep blue of the Aegean sea!

Ginas Islets

A reef dive in crystal clear water. A relaxing dive usually with a smooth current to give you a push.

The great cave of Lindos, "Cleobulus Tomb"

These information regard only the first dome of this magnificent cave, that is easily accessible for OWD. A proper cave that will make you want to become Advanced divers just to see where this cave leads.

The shipwreck of "Giannoula K."

Sunk in 1981, 110m long and with her mast coming all the way up to the surface, this cargo ship will take your breath away. This wreck dive is a 2 dives package. The first dive is all around the vessel and the upper decks and in the second dive we visit inner parts and the engine room.

The wall of Ladiko

A breath taking sharp wall starting at 6m and going vertically down to 32m! We require divers to maintain the depth according to their qualification standards.

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