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Are you searching for the best way to learn kite boarding or to enjoy the exciting sport with your family or friends during your vacation in Turks and Caicos. Kite Provo kiteboarding school offers kiteboarding lessons to all levels. At Kite Provo Our Instructors Make the Difference. The most experienced, longest running, largest school, and most importantly the most trained instructors that truly make the difference. Rated #1 Kite boarding school in TCI the Kite Provo has the experience and qualifications to show you all there is to know about kite boarding. These experts are the most well known in the industry in TCI and have what it takes to take you from a beginner to a enthusiast in no time.

Get ready to enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear waters and golden sand in a entirely different way at one of Turks and Caicos’s amazing activities.

Enjoy Turks & Caicos Beaches While Kite boarding

The instructors strive to not only pass on their passion, knowledge and skills for kite boarding but they also want to show you to art of it. The style of teaching offered by these experts is one of patience, communication and success that they adjust to each individual in order to give them the best learning experience possible. Not only has the instructor Chris Moore been teaching the sport since 1990 but he is also the writer himself of the teaching manual for instructor certification. The kite boarding takes place at some of the most beautiful beaches in Turks and Caicos.

Unforgettable Experiences During Your Turks and Caicos Holidays

Kite Provo loves meeting new people from around the globe who share the same interests as them or are looking to learn the passionate sport.

The service they bring to the table is friendly and personalized, they aren’t just teaching you something but joining you on the journey and art of the sport. Come to Turks and Caicos and try kite boarding on your next vacation!


The Turks and Caicos is one of the best locations in the world to learn how to kiteboard. Established in 2006, KiteProvo is the Caribbean’s premier kiteboarding school. We are the first, longest running and largest kiteboarding school in The Turks and Caicos. With 9 IKO/ PASA certified instructors teaching over 1,000 lessons during our 10 month season, WE KNOW KITEBOARDING. Our main kiteboarding beach is Long Bay, famous for shallow, warm and turquoise water with steady winds.


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It is not just about teaching experience, but mastering the art of communication and taking a personal interest in your success!

At KiteProvo, we know that the instructor makes the difference. We have assembled a team of not only extremely experienced instructors, but people that match our philosophy of taking a personal interest in the success of each and every student. We teach the art of communication and how to change our teaching style to meet the learning style of our guests and new friends. Our school manager, Chris Moore, has been teaching kiteboarding sports professionally since 1990 and in 1993 wrote the teaching manual for instructor certification. Using his extensive experience and passion for teaching, we have trained the highest caliber of instructors on the planet here at Kite Provo.

We strive to constantly exceed your expectation and guarantee that you will not only have a fantastic time with us, but learn more efficiently.

“Fun and Challenging” etoile_transparente

I had a great time with Chris, my instructor. He was friendly patient and very thorough with respect to teachingChris had a great approach to teaching on the beach/land first with a smaller kite compared to what is used in the water.


“More than a lesson, the Kite Provo Experience combines the following:

    • Top Level Communicators – Our instructors are trained in teaching techniques and communication expertise
    • High Level Kiteboarding Proficiency – Many of our instructors are top level athletes in the sport
    • Passionate and Take a Genuine Interest in Your Suceess – They love to teach, care about you as person, and realize how important it is to adopt a teaching style to match the students learning style.
    • Gear – Kite Provo utilizes brand new gear and a massive array of kite and board sizes to ensure you have the perfect amount of power for the current conditions.
    • Radio Communication – state of the art communication systems put you in contact with the instructor at all times to add more value.


We make kiteboarders. We make friends. KiteProvo is always delighted to welcome back our former students when they return to Providenciales year after year to enjoy Long Bay’s amazing kiting conditions. We are proud of our reputation and loyal following. If you have ever considered taking a lesson, this is your chance! KiteProvo’s kiteboarding school brings to Turks and Caicos its reputation for safety and world-class instruction.


Turks & Caicos offers consistent onshore winds, non-crowded beaches, extensive shallow water and plenty of sunshine! Long Bay (location of our kiteboarding school lessons) remains one of the ultimate beaches in the world to learn kiteboarding. Long Bay boasts a wide expanse of a large open beach ideal for easy setup and kite flying and shallow calm water for learning and riding.

Outside of Long Bay, there are lots of opportunities to kiteboard around and between the neighboring Turks and Caicos Islands. With miles of mangrove channels and hidden lagoons, all of our nearby secret spots offer world-class conditions for any level of kiteboarder. Join us on a boat led kiteboarding trip to some of our backcountry hidden gems for a unique and memorable experience. You are certain to be the only kiteboarder in sight!


Q : I am a beginner… how many kiteboarding lessons should I expect to take?
A : Start off with 3 lessons. Everyone progresses differently. This will give you a great start.
Q : How do I book lessons?
A : Email is best ( or use our website form. Call and talk to one of our instructors: 649.242.2927.
Q : Where are you located?
A : Our kite school is located at The Shore Club’s public beach access on Long Bay Beach (Turks and Caicos).


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