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Welcome To Just Go Dominica

Come live life like a Dominican. Relax, set your watch back a few hours and soak up the green trees and blue skies of the Nature Isle. Or tie up those hiking shoes, fasten that harness and jump into the adventure of the Nature Isle. Canyoneering, hiking, exploring, camping, swimming, or just relaxing by the river? Whatever! Just Go!

The Guides

Just Go Dominica has some of the best guides on island. Our guides are all experienced, certified hikers, taxi drivers and First Aid/CPR respondents. Nahjie, the main guy is also a PADI Dive Master. All guides aim for fun, adventurous excursions with safety as our main priority.


Just Go Dominica offers tours to all sites on island. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

The Roseau Valley

The Roseau Valley is about 15 minutes from the City of Roseau and is known for its fresh water, sulphuric makeup and cool weather. The sulphur here means that you can experience the best of both worlds! Both cool and hot water deposits which bear healing water for the mind, body and soul. Here you’ll find the infamous Boiling Lake, both the Fresh Water Lake and Boeri Lake, Titou Gorge, Middleham and Trafalgar Falls, Sulphur Water Spas and many more.

The Boiling Lake

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This hike is not for the faint of heart. It’s a 6 hour hike round trip and consists of steep, jungle-like terrain, requiring a reasonable fitness level to make it all the way around. The terrain here ranges from rain forest, to mountain ridge to the Valley of Desolation. Rightfully named, the Valley of Desolation lies at the base of Morne Watt and consists of white sulfuric rock, spewing hot gas at your feet, so you’d better be quick on them. This hot gas cools into warm water, forming pools alongside the trail, perfect for a dip.

The Middleham Falls

A quick, somewhat challenging hike will get you to the waterfall with the chilliest water in Dominica. At a height of 265 ft, Middleham Falls tumbles into an ice-cold pool of emerald water waiting for you to dive into. The Middleham Falls offers a remarkable experience. Plus the water tends to make your skin shine.

The Fresh Water Lake

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The largest lake on island boasts surrounding mountains which hug its banks and fresh water. You can drive or walk to this lake and even grab a kayak and row your way through its surface. Around the lake is a quick trail that allows you to get an aerial view of this beauty and a glimpse of what the interior of our island has to offer. Equipped with a restaurant and bar, this is an easy tour which will leave you relaxed and meditated in no time.

Trafalgar Falls

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Located in the village of Trafalgar, nestled between mountains and stone are the Trafalgar Falls. Yup, there are two of them. The falls were named the Father and Mother Falls by folklore with the Father falls dominating over his more subtle wife, the Mother falls. He feeds the natural pools beneath with his vigorous torrents of water, while Mother Fall awes the area with her charm and beauty. This is a quick walk, about 15 minutes on easy trail. There may be a challenge though, as the trail breaks off and you are to navigate over huge stones to get there. It’s a little walk for a big experience. Adjacent to each other are hot sulphur water pools and cool fresh water basins. Take a soak, take a jump, or join Extreme Dominica and rapel down the waterfall, whatever you like; it’s all up to you.

The South Coast

Dominica coast line south of Roseau 4

The South Coast of the Island offers a completely different experience than that of the Roseau Valley. It’s all about sea and sky here. The south coast is rigged with Caribbean flavor- blue seas, bright skies, yellow sun and fresh fish. Meet the fishermen dragging in fresh catches of Mahi-Mahi, Red Snapper and other marine delicacies, buy fresh fish for later or a nicely steamed fella with local herbs from any of the restaurants and bars along the way. With about a half hour drive from the capital, there’s much to do around this area, just make sure to hold your diving glass and swim wear.

Champagne Reef


No, they don’t serve complimentary champagne on this coral reef. The Champagne Reef is so called because of the champagne – like bubbles you’ll see spewing from the sea bed, beneath the water. The Volcanic content of our island allows us to experience mini volcanoes, which spit gas up into the salt water. Close to the shore, there’s much to see in this underwater world, so grab your snorkelling gear and embrace the marine wonder that awaits you here at Champagne.

Scott's Head

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No one knows why the foot of Dominica was named Scott’s Head. Anyway it’s an amazing place to chill and watch the sunset. This tiny isthmus is a strip of sea stone and a small hill overlooking the two oceans which crawl up to its base, making it the only place you can experience both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean at the same time. A powerful viewpoint will make you feel like the King or Queen of this paradise, looking down on your emerald kingdom at foaming waves which caress the land. Apart from the view, this area is also great for snorkelling and scuba diving.



You can’t come to Dominica and not experience our unique black sand beaches. There are many black, white and yellow beaches all over our coastal line, bearing warm sand and cool seas. Life here is a beach. Chill on the sand and soak up our warm yellow sun, grab a colourful rum punch from any of the local beach bars, or dive into the deep blue and explore the abyss. Beach life is a breeze, so Just Go!

Ravine Cyrique / Secret Beach

Sshhhh, this beach is a secret. We don’t even think that God meant to have any man here on this wonder. This cosy little black sand beach, carved from the cliff which towers to the left, forms a beautiful cove looking into the Atlantic Ocean. But what’s the big secret? Well, Secret Beach has a waterfall cascading down the cliff, through its tar- coloured, iridescent sand and into the sea. Photographers, beware! This little slice of heaven is a must see. However, secrets are hard to find. This 30 minute trail starts off as an easy off-road walk but emerges into a steep, adventurous, climb down cliff side. You may have to free-climb down a rope or two to get there, but this secret is absolutely worth it. (Certain level of fitness required)

The Interior

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If you want to experience Dominica Nature-Isle style, then you must go through our rugged interior. Dominica boasts a ridge of powering mountains that form a defensive spine through her centre. These mountains are inhabited by magnificent flora and fauna which will all leave you speechless. Rocky trails, terrifying valleys, panoramic view points, loving creatures and clean air are just some of the things you’ll experience while treading through Dominica’s inside. The fun lies here for the explorative kind so lace up your boots, sling that backpack over your shoulders and Just Go into our interior.

The Waitukubuli National Trail


The 115 mile trail is broken up into 14 segments, each offering its own experience. There’s much to see here. Rivers, lakes, valleys, hot water, cold water, cliffs, slave built trails, estates, you name it! You can choose to do one segment at a time, bundle a few up for your day orhit the whole trail for a few days of camping beneath the canopy. There are coastal trails, strictly inclined trails, historical trails and so much more. Experience the nature, culture and life of Dominica by touring through her tall body on the Waitukubuli trail. Are you up for the challenge?

The Cabrits


The Cabrits National Park located in the north of the island offers a nostalgically inspiring experience. Set your feet on cobble stones, hand placed by slaves hundreds of years ago and begin a short walk, up-hill to a fort which was once Dominica’s defence from intruders at bay. Boasting a bright view of the wide sea below and the surrounding village of Portsmouth, Cabrits was established to protect both the historical monument above and the marine park below. You are sure to have a soothing experience here whether it’s strolling through the stone tombs or swimming through the waves below.

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