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Ice cave excursions, glacierhikes, kayaking and more!

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Hofn, Iceland is home to Europes largest iceberg. This region is steeped in outdoor activities, and IceGuide is a TripAdvisor "Excellent" rated excursion outfit with the experience, expertise, and equipment to introduce you to this winter wonderland. Hofn is the perfect choice for adventure seekers and families alike. Whether looking for your next thrill or in search of the ultimate family vacation you will talk about for years to come Hofn's IceGuide tour outfit is the perfect excursion outfit to help you crush your getaway goals.

Why IceGuide Tours Come So Highly Recommended

These excursion escorts are true pros. They are detailed in their explanations, able to answer even the most difficult of questions, and their safety certification is taken very seriously. Owner and guide Oscar is an active team of SAR (Search and rescue Hofn).

IceGuide is a family owned business. They take the time to learn about your group and personalize their tour. For instance, if you are curious about how global warming is affecting this region they will be sure to provide the in-depth details you seek. If you are an avid glacier hiker they may take you on more a difficult route. If you are new to this type of tour they will be sure to be descriptive in their explanations. The ability to adapt their tour to you and your group truly sets them apart.

Tours are kept to small group sizes with this excursion outfit. Another testament to the superior customer care given.

Almost every traveller has selfies on the beach, but few have them with an iceberg or glacier tongue in the background. If you are ready for a unique and mesmerizing experience unlike anything you have experienced before IceGuide is the ultimate host for this photographic region.

Like the guides, the equipment used by IceGuide is top-knotch. Sit-on kayaks (much more sturdy than sit-in), high-performance ice axes, dry suits and more are all included.

Get Ready for Sights Unlike Anywhere Else in the World

Hofn, Iceland has incredible sights that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the world. Their famed Vatnajokull Glacier is home to ice caves which you are going to want to see for yourself. Discover the glacier on foot, in a kayak, or in a canoe. The choice is yours.

Popular Glacier Tours in Iceland

Ice Cave Excursions

Visiting an ice cave is mesmerizing. Seeing mother nature's creation in person is an experience unlike any other. Ice sculptures that seem to be made of glass, splits in the ice make towering walls on either side of you, and light breaking through the ice giving a blue "glow in the dark" hue to the ice. This an much more awaits in Hofn, Iceland with IceGuide.

Ice Cave Excursions are available from November to March in Hofn. Your journey begins with a hike through Iceland's number one attraction, the Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón, then through the caves. It is recommended to be reasonably fit for this hike as it requires stamina.

Glacier Hike and Kayak Tour

The scenery you will experience on this tour is one-of-a-kind. Glacier tongues, ice formations, and untouched wilderness awaits. A photographers dream come true! You are sure to feel the magic of Iceland on this hike and kayak tour in Iceland.

This Iceland excursion is best for those moderately fit. Not to worry if you are new to kayaking, it is easy to learn and safe.


An Exceptional Tour Awaits in Iceland

Iceland is truly a marvel, and discovering this stunning region with IceGuide is a getaway you will appreciate for years to come. Visit to see their other tours.

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