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A Restorative Stay Awaits You

Welcome To Holidae House Bed & Breakfast

Your soft landing awaits with a restorative stay at the Holidae House Bed & Breakfast located in the center of quaint downtown Bethel, Maine. Built in 1906 and steeped in Victorian period elegance, this delightful B&B will sweep you off your feet by virtue of her sheer charm, eloquent character and infinite hospitality by Keepers John & Jeanette Poole. Experience their warmth the moment you arrive, as John will likely greet you at the door, while wafts of homemade sweets from the kitchen beckon you to sample Jeanette's baked delights in the dining area. Escape from the interruptions of everyday life and enjoy the changing seasons in beautiful western Maine.

Forget rush hour, alarm clocks, distractions, and just enjoy a peaceful stay … a place to relax in the comfort of "almost" your own home. Visit the Holidae House B&B and the Poole’s at 85 Main Street, Bethel … and be glad you did.

About Us

An odyssey of adventure and romance was set into motion in the summer of 2014 when Tennesseans John and Jeanette Poole serendipitously pondered a passion that neither had previously thought about prior to a life altering venture to Acadia National Park. Once in Bar Harbor they happened upon a beautiful, spacious house that just so happened to be for sale! They both exclaimed what a great B&B this huge house would make. Well, this instantaneous thought conjured a deep impetuous yearn that maybe, just maybe, becoming B&B innkeepers themselves could be a dream possible.

Needless to say, the entire return trip to TN proved more thrilling by the mile as they pondered the notion of selling all in TN and moving lock, stock and barrel to ME to put this huge romantic endeavor into serious action. They agreed their ideal B&B had to be in New England, in a quaint town or village, be outdoorsy themed, and have snow as part of the seasonal affect. John & Jeanette settled that Maine would be the venue of choice. On a crispy cold New Year's Day 2015 they arrived in Bethel and set their eyes on the ‘For Sale’ Austin’s Holidae House B&B. Well, it was love at first sight! The village, snow, and ambience were all here. And although realizing the house did need a few cosmetic fixes, it was darn near perfect.

Guest Rooms

Fluffy and oh-so-comfortable, the white towels, comforters, sheets and draperies are of posh hotel quality and the embodiment of luxury in contemporary bath, body and bedding amenities. Sublime sleep is achieved complements of comfortable temperature controlled rooms for healthy, happy slumbers. For the ultimate in at-home coziness, the Holidae House B&B is sure to bring you many sweet dreams, timeless memories and a yearning desire to return for more.

Comfy mattresses, elegant bed-dressings, beautiful silver tea trays, oriental rugs and carpets invite guests to relax in the well-appointed rooms. Each room has its own private bath, some with showers only and others with full bath tub and shower. Beveled mirrors, bead-board trim work, fringed lamps, gorgeous chandeliers, painted ceiling murals and other faux painted accents, keep the comfort classy.

Room 1 - Fern

This room imbibes a pretty green theme complete with a queen brass bed, wall sconces, and a large bathroom with an eclectic piece of oriental wall art. You will be enchanted by the ceiling art surrounding a dropped chandelier.

Room 2 - Iris

Romantically inviting, this suite is light filled and sweet. Carrying a definite floral theme incorporating motifs of lilacs, lavender and irises, this room boasts a spacious bathroom, queen-sized brass bed and flowy drapery; a very pretty, cheerful room indeed!

Room 3 - Birch

Soothing blue tones define this lovely room. A queen-size Jenny Lind spool bed, oak dressers, tables, chairs and other fine decor fill the space.

Room 4 - Rose

This room carries a lovely cottage rose color scheme that blends beautifully with the hardwood floors. A delicate porcelain sink outside the water closet offers a genteel touch; a common feature found in all the guest suites. A gorgeous ceiling mural is reflected above the 4 poster bed.

Room 5 - White Pine

The largest room with a separate yet open sitting area with additional single bed, is located in a quiet corner in the back of the house on the main level. A gorgeous queen size 4-poster bed with lace canopy is the focal point in this room. You will also enjoy relaxing in the Jacuzzi tub.

Room 6 - Blueberry

This room is located on the main floor. The decor is elegant and full of light yet rich blue tones. Complementing canopy bed linens and airy drapery add an Edwardian flavor. This room has a gorgeous semi-open concept full bath with Jacuzzi tub and stain-glass windows! Stunningly beautiful!

Room 7 - McIntosh

Situated across the hall from Room 6 on the main level, this room is steeped in the royal richness of gold and deep maroon tones. A quasi-canopy over the queen brass bed gives this room a very regal aura. A delicate vintage oak wash basin and adjacent black porcelain pedestal sink accents this room perfectly and really sets the tone.


Enjoy a delicious, home cooked gourmet breakfast during your stay with us. Start your day off with Jeanette’s creations including Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, Made From Scratch Blueberry Pancakes, Apple Cinnamon French Toast and others. We use free range organic eggs and maple syrup, both sourced locally. We also pick our own blueberries and apples and use them as long as the supply lasts. Jeanette’s fresh baked breads are used in many of our breakfasts.

For coffee lovers we grind beans each morning to provide you with the freshest coffee possible, and we even have decaf beans! For tea lovers we offer over 20 Twinings Teas, including black, herbal and green teas. We also have hot chocolate and spiced apple cider packets. A selection of juices is offered including orange, grapefruit and grape. Fresh fruit is also available.

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