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Welcome to the Country of Million Elephants! You seem to be looking for an amazing trip in Laos? Let's companion with us in the best Laos tour packages to discover the mysterious corners of this beautiful country.

Specially, with Laos travel packages, you will have chance not only to visit the famous destinations but also get exhaustive look at authentic local culture. For further requirements, we also offer combined holiday packages from Laos to other nations in the area of Indochina and Southeast Asia. Now, tell us that you are ready!

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Hello Laos Travel always treasures the value we bring to our customers. In fact, it comes from the passion of introducing our beautiful countries and how much satisfaction we can create after all the trips, and thus, ensure loyal customers where the impersonating is cared for the most and is our right direction from the beginning. With us, your holidays are tailor-made with 100% effort pouring in to ensure perfection from tiny details and definitely what you are looking for, especially for independently minded travelers looking for unique and authentic experience. Our confidence comes from thorough knowledgeable local based experts who are passionate of what they do.

They not only have extensively experience in traveling but also are in love with the land themselves, that’s why it is considered as essential as the air they breathe and always ready to deliver the highest values to the others. We know that the perfect holiday rarely happens by chance, rather, it comes from the collection of perfect experience and state of mind which is aware of what they do and the thrive to achieve the best. Simply put, we only choose the best!

At Hello Laos Travel, we deal with your enquiries directly by our real experts involving, not by an automated online system, with our one and foremost goal: to show you the best of our countries with highest quality and competitive price from carefully selected hotels to authentic experience that make reflection of who we are.

Top 10 Best Laos Tours

If this is the first time you decide to take a trip to Laos and have no idea about where you can start, our Top 10 Best Laos Tours we listed below should be the first choices of yours. 10 recommended trips with chance to discover from ancient attractions to the unique culture are always possible to customize if you want. What are you waiting for? Let's consider one of our Laos tour packages today and discover this country with us! Click here to see our top ten choices of best Laos tours!

Indochina Tours

Indochina is always a special land with many mysteries that should be discovered. Besides Laos tour packages, we also offer Laos Vietnam Cambodia Tour Packages with hope that you can enjoy your trip to Indochina more and more. Travel to 3 charming countries of Indochina, why not? 3 Indochina nations, 3 Buddhist lands, 3 unique culture and 3 secrets are waiting for you to explore. Click here to see our Indochina Tours!

Laos Travel Guide

You are planning to travel to Laos and want to get some useful advices about this country? You can find here. Laos travel guide promise to be your best companion during your trip in Laos as well as in Indochina. For those interested, consider our Laos Tours to have the best holiday in the Million-Elephant Country.

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