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Welcome To Geejam Private Hotel

Welcome To Geejam Private Hotel where comfort and luxury meets Jamaican culture. The accommodations we offer here at Geejam always exceed expectations. This trip is filled with unforgettable moments that are perfect to share with your family or partner. Put your worries behind and indulge into true relaxation here in the beautiful Port Antonio, Jamaica.

About Geejam

While blending all the creature comforts of home, it’s very much a portal into authentic Jamaican culture. Nestled in the heart of the bush, this property's seven double rooms consist of three deluxe cabins, one suite, and a self-contained three-bedroom villa. Also included are a state of the art Recording Studio, Healing Spa, Swimming Pool (Sanwood only), Gym and Bushbar, forming an exclusive universe within the natural beauty of the grounds.

Nominated by the Jamaican press as one of the “top ten most fascinating places to hang out,” the Bushbar follows the overall Geejam mantra of a grassroots approach to relaxation, restoration and reinvention.

Achieving a stylish equilibrium between ultra modern technology and the intrinsic grace of the natural island landscape makes this the signature trademark of Geejam hotel in Jamaica.

Located on six acres of lush San San Estate, the property extends from the foothills of the John Crow and Blue Mountain chains to the Caribbean waterfront, thereby connecting a palette of greens to vibrant hues of blue and turquoise. Within immediate proximity is Frenchman’s Cove -- voted by Conde Nast as one of the world’s top five beaches -- and the equally enchanting Blue Lagoon, Geejam Beach sits tall amongst several other stunning beaches. The property borders Drapers, a little known village until Gwen Stefani of No Doubt gave it props at the 2003 Grammy Awards, as a result of the band recording their last album at Geejam hotel Port Antonio, Jamaica.

A ten-minute drive west will find you in the historic town of Port Antonio, the capital town of the parish of Portland, located on the northeast coast of Jamaica and shrouded by the Blue Mountains. Home to the Errol Flynn marina, it boasts a thriving hub of local culture, with a varied nightlife, including Ska bars, Reggae sound-systems and nightclubs.


Geejam Beach is located at the foot of the property. You'll discover a natural cove that fits into the shoreline of the Caribbean Ocean. Clear water, white sand and an uninterrupted horizon combine to create the ultimate mind-body escape. Here you can swim, snorkel, kayak, paddle board or simply relax on one of the four-poster beds.

Historically, this bay, called Mack Bay, was a landing point for boats carrying the coconut harvest. Coco Walk, the old road leading from the waterfront up to the main road, still symbolizes a timeless return to the past. Broadband Internet wireless connection is available at Geejam Beach.


Sprawling vistas, cloistered tropical niches, breathtaking beachfront and forest hideaways make Geejam a singular high-end resort experience. The sea air, the sun and the balmy Caribbean breeze emote a twenty-four-seven atmosphere of organic elegance, capturing that mystical spirit of the natural high.

A well-proportioned mix of upscale interiors matched with the intrinsic beauty of the natural environment enlivens the senses. The treated wood decks, palm tree-lined stone paths and groves of avocado, breadfruit, sour sop, cashew nut, plum apple and star fruit trees combine to create a Caribbean Garden of Eden in the womb of a tropical paradise.

The centerpiece, which also serves as the foundational structure of the Bushbar, is composed of two three hundred year-old fig trees whose majestic sweep add a sublime scale to the already awesome indigenous landscape.

Also within easy reach are excursions to the cascading Scatter, Reich and Somerset waterfalls -- a day’s rafting being a must at one or more of these extraordinary natural wonders. Hiking is also a popular sport in this part of the island.

The Geejam resort ethos stems from synergizing local Jamaican flair with a singular approach to service, cuisine andaccommodation. Whether it be for a vacation, a recording session, a photo shoot, a wedding, a honeymoon or just a fleeting getaway, you are invited to taste this uniquely modern experience. The legendary Grace Jones summed up her Geejam Port Antonio Jamaica hotel stay in the guestbook, by writing simply, “I came. I saw. You conquered me!”


The amenities at Geejam are upscale while maintaining organic standards. Subtle, streamlined patio furnishings, hidden speakers and low-lit walkways imbue an air of forward-thinking chic. The Day Dream canopy deck is the best spot from which to view the waterfall, featured at the center of the property. Fusing sleek design with a rootsy tropical attitude, it also offers one of the best places on the property for luxury lounging.

The rooms throughout the property are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, spa-quality steam rooms and showers, and flawless contemporary design. The Hansgrohe and Philippe Starck line of deluxe bathroom settings, integrated interior design and Barlow Tyrie outdoor furnishings perfectly balance the tropical architecture of the Bushbar, lounges, and outdoor verandas. Daily housekeeping is complimentary.

The following amenities can be found in each guest room on the property: five hundred-count cotton sheets, hard wood floors and custom-made blackout blinds. Some of the bathrooms are highlighted by a spa-quality steam-room within the shower. A compact digital surround sound system exists in each room, going by the pseudonym of George, which allows you to view Apple TV (offering an ever-expanding menu of movies and music to choose from), and play and charge an iPod, all in the comfort of your room. On arrival, a cell phone is provided to guests, for use throughout their stay, thereby enabling communication with all the hotel services, other guests and of course, with the outside world.

Broadband Internet wireless connection is available throughout the property, both indoors and out. Should you choose not to dine at the Bushbar, meals may be served in the room or on your veranda. An overnight menu is also available. Minibars are in each room. Children are welcome, but are encouraged to stay in Sanwood, the three-bedroom villa, with their respective families. Nanny service is available. Our 24-hour reception area is located at the Bushbar.

Geejam's Amazing & Unique Accommodation Choices:


  • 3-bedroom private villa
  • Private pool & Dining area
  • Sun deck & Outdoor lounge
  • Wireless Internet Lounge with
    Bose home theater

3 Bedrooms - SW1, SW2, SW3

  • Apple TV home theater
  • Minibar
  • 24-hour room service
  • Ensuite shower
  • Private outdoor veranda & lounge
  • Ocean view
  • Wireless Internet
  • 500 thread count linen
  • Air conditioning

Deluxe Cabins:
ska, mento, rocksteady

  • Ensuite shower
  • Steam room - excluding Ska
  • Home theater
  • Minibar
  • 24-hour room service
  • Private outdoor veranda & lounge
  • Ocean & forest view
  • Wireless Internet
  • 500 thread count linen
  • Private Jacuzzi (Ska and Mento)
  • Air conditioning

Studio Suite:
Drum & Bass

  • 1 bedroom
  • Bath, shower & large steam room
  • Private deck & Lounge area
  • Home theater
  • Minibar
  • 24-hour room service
  • Ocean view
  • Wireless Internet
  • 500 thread count linen
  • Private Jacuzzi
  • Air conditioning


  • Jamaican, Asian-influenced and international cuisine
  • Bespoke menu plans on request
  • Irie vibes!

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