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Wexford, Ireland

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Delve Deeper and immerse yourself in the stories of Wexford, the Cornerstone of Irelands Ancient East with a custom tour just for you

Gallivanting Tours sets the standard for excursions in not only Ireland but the industry. Owner and operator Lorraine has crafted this dynamic tour outfit from conception to practice. Her personalized approach, passion for all things Irish, and elite insider network are a trifecta of tour perfection!

Living in Wexford has given me a deep interest and appreciation for Medieval Ireland, those dark days of conquest, when first the Vikings and then the Normans arrived, the witchcraft trials of Kilkenny, the Black Death and fantastic figures with names like Strongbow, Raymond le Gros (the fat!), Diarmaid MacMurchadha na Ngall (Dermot of the foreigners) -Lorraine, Founder of Gallivanting Tours

Why We Highly Recommend Gallivanting Tours

Whichever review site you check, Gallivanting Tours is ranked "Excellent". Tailoring your experience to your group is one reason Gallivanting Tours is raved about. Whether a family with young children, energetic retirees or middle-aged adventurers, Lorraine gets to know your group to ensure the best possible experience. Gallivanting Tours knowledge is second to none. Beyond the academic understanding though, is storytelling. The history of Ireland is presented in a fun and memorable way; No regurgitating facts in the fastest possible way here. The itineraries are packed and perfectly paced with enough time for photo ops, but never dragging on. Specializing in gastro and heritage tours, you can taste, see, and hear about Ireland.

Flexible and Tailored Expeditions

Gallivanting Tours lets guests customize their experience, change it on a whim, and organizes trips from Dublin and Wicklow Town. Specializing in tours for the South East side of Ireland, whether staying in the area or another, this is a must for your bucket list.

True Irish Experiences

In addition to a line-up of excursions (below), Gallivanting Tours offers "Authentic Experiences" for travelers. Become a blacksmith for the day, learn the basics of Ireland's ancient stick-fighting martial arts, or go on a Celtic journey of self-exploration. LEARN MORE >>

Gallivanting Tour Options

Affectionately referred to as "the pantry of Ireland", Wexford is the place to enjoy a gastro excursion in Ireland. These gastromic outings include three main stops as well as some smaller ones in between. You get to choose the main three and enjoy samples, as well as a little something to bring home. Learn More >>

Sweet and salty is the inspiration behind this excursion. Check out the video below! Learn More >>

Understanding that vacations are not just about discovery, but relaxation too, Gallivanting Tours creates the perfect day of physical and mental rejuvenation. Forest bathing, mountain hikes, and guided meditation make up three of the four options. The last is a unique offering, you won't often find. A "Cutting Ties" ceremony to help people move past difficulties in their life such as breakups, family problems, and job losses. Choose one or combine all four! Learn More >>

Hook Peninsula is filled with wonder, and this sightseeing tour checks all the boxes. The oldest lighthouse in the world, a haunted mansion, romantic ruins, and more await. Enjoy a scenic ride and exciting stories on this relaxing day tour. Learn More >>

Unearth the history of Medieval Ireland, when castles were stormed and cows were used to stampede Celtic warriors. Gallivanting Tours has a deep passion for this time period, and tons of fun stories to tell as you sip whiskey at the stops. Learn More >>

It's likely you have heard of The Irish Potato Famine, and learned about the immigrants landing in Canada and the USA. On this tour, you can see how the emigrants lived and how they left Ireland in hopes of a better life. This is one of the darkest ages in Ireland's history, but through the devastation, the people of Ireland rose, and their spirit strengthened. The 1978 Rebellion and life in the 1950s after the Civil War are tour options as well. Learn More >>

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