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Oldest And Largest Gallery On CuraƧao

Welcome To Gallery Alma Blou

Today Gallery Alma Blou in Landhuis Habaai is the oldest and largest gallery on Curaçao, featuring local and Caribbean art. The mansion has an ideal layout: A large main gallery, the heart, is flanked by a front and a back gallery. The building is situated in a way that makes daylight filter through it beautifully, enhancing the artworks beauty. Collections of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and dolls are exhibited in different spaces in such a way that their quality stands out even more.

Themes and materials vary widely, but all art has a Caribbean character and Curaçaoan flair. Artists are inspired by the colors, the architecture, the people, the underwater life, the wind, mythology, the sea or the landscape. In short by all Curaçao and the Caribbean with their diversity has to offer and triggers the artists imagination.

From Food To Food For Thought

Former Plantation House ´Landhuis Habaai` (Habaai Mansion) as it shows now, was build at the second half of the 18th century ( +/- 1752 ); The plantation exist much earlier. It is also one of the oldest on the island. Brazil was a Dutch colony until 1654, when it became Portuguese. At that time the Dutch Colonial Council granted a large contingent of Jews living in Brazil, permission to relocate to Curaçao where they were given a large piece of land on the northwest shore of the Schottegat. This district soon came to be known as the Jewish quarter, because of the various Jewish mansions that arose here. Landhuis Habaai is one of the few to remain.

The ‘ Landhuis ’ was first owned by Protestants, Catholics and by Jewish families. Although the mansion started out as a plantation and was subsequently turned into a country residence and later on a boarding school, its architecture.

Marshe Di Artensania Craft Market

Every second Saturday of the month the handcraft market ‘Marshe di Artesania’ is held at Gallery Alma Blou, ‘Landhuis’ Habaai. There are many talented local artisans who make high quality, beautiful and artistic souvenirs and artifacts.

At the ‘Marshe di Artesania’ you and the artisans come together in a cozy meeting place, the historical courtyard of ‘Landhuis’ Habaai, enjoying the artistic atmosphere while having a delicious local snack and/or local fruit juice.

Gift Shop

The Gallery and the Gift Shop are completely separated from each other. While visiting Landhuis Habaai, you will first go through the different exhibition areas of the Gallery before you get to the Gift Shop. We carry a very interesting variety of locally handmade products like driftwood, calabash, coconut and other materials. Curaçao is proud to have so many artisans presenting their souvenirs and other items to our visitors, as well as a collection of books and music showcasing the myriad of artistic flavors of the island.


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