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Bavaro, Dominican Republic

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100% Non-Commercial And ECO-Friendly

The Flintstones Buggy Adventure is an eco-friendly dune buggy excusion located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Bring your friends and family for an off-road adventure-packed day and drive through vegetation, rock formations, through the countryside where you will see donkeys, cows, horses, sheep, pigs and explore fascinating caves. On this excursion you will learn and see the beauty that Dominican Republic has to offer. If you are looking for an exciting excursion on your Punta Cana vacation, Flintstones Buggy Adventure is for you!

Why We Highly Recommend Flintstones Buggy Adventures

Off-road adventures are always fun and exciting, so what makes Flintstones Buggy Adventures stand out? The service, the eco-initiative, the rates, and the course are why. First, the team behind Flintstones Buggy Adventure are friendly, exceptional at explanations, and always keep safety at the forefront of their experience ... but without guests realizing it. Unlike almost every other ATV or off-road adventure in the Caribbean they work hard to keep your carbon footprint small. They do this by producing their own electricity. Getting to the actual experience the dune buggies are so much fun! They are a blast to drive, and the course offered by Flintstone Buggy Adventure is completely off-road. Recipient of TripAdvisor's prestigious "Certificate of Excellence" past guests and industry experts agree that Flintstones Buggy Adventure is amazing fun for all ages!

Why Are We Different?

  • Individual small groups (average of approx. 10 buggies)
  • Only off-road, no use of public roads
  • We are not commercially involved with shopping- and souvenirshops
  • We are eco-friendly; we produce our own electricity
  • We have the exclusive right for our guests to the use of our caves
  • We are located at 2km from the center of Bavaro, which minimizes transportation-time from the hotel to our ranch

Buggy Excursion

Your adventure starts with the pickup at your hotel or pickup-point with a single truck. After picking up other guests from nearby hotels we drive to the Flintstone Buggy Adventure Ranch which is located 2km of the center of Bavaro, this guarantees a minimum of transportation time.

After arriving at the Ranch you'll receive a short briefing in which we explain the few rules we have and how to drive your buggy. Safety is our number one concern, so every guest has to wear a (very light) safety-helmet which you also need for the visit to our caves.

The "Flintstone Buggy Trail" has a length of 10 kilometers (about 6.25miles) and takes you through a variety of vegetation and rock/hill-formations, it leads straight through the countryside and seeing some donkeys, cows, horses, sheep and pigs is guaranteed!

After about 25minutes of driving (2kilometers before the caves) we stop for some water and you can taste some real Dominican coffee and chocolate in an authentic "countryside supermarket" which is called colmado. We stay at this colmado for about 10minutes and then continue our adventure; here the trail gets even more "rough" and "wild", and there are some spectacular views of the "cliffs" that have been formed during millions of years.

When we arrive at the cave, we park the buggies and walk to the entrance of the cave where the bar and the restrooms are. Here you will receive a short briefing of about 5minutes about the rules in the caves. First we enter the large cave (Fanstasy Cave) and walk almost to the end (about 300mtrs/900yards) through magnificent and huge illuminated stalactites and stalacmites accompanied with background music. This is not a commercial cave therefor the path has bumbs and uneven parts and is not straight; minimum changes have been made so the cave keeps its natural authenticity. During the walk our guide will tell you some interesting facts about the cave and its rock-formations. The total time for the visit of this cave is about 25minutes.

When we return and are almost at the beginning of the Fantasy Cave, we go up the stairs to Bedrock City! Bedrock City is another group of caves that are located above the large cave, a rare combination and therefor unique! Why the name Bedrock City? Well, here you see the villa of Fred Flintstone, the garage with the Flintstone Mobile, the Bedrock Gym, RocDonalds, an ancient ATM and the Bowl-O-Rama, based on the popular cartoon and the movie with John Goodman and Hale Berry.

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