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Little Farmer's Cay, Bahamas

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Enjoy Exuma's Sights and More

Welcome To Farmer's Cay Yacht Club and Marina

Sailing through the Bahamas? Farmer's Cay Yacht Club and Marina has all the services you need to refill and tune up both yourself and boat, plus a quiet and scenic locale that is great for a break from the sea. This small marina is big on services, and planning a stop here is sure to be a relaxing highlight on your sailing or boating trip.


Here at the Farmer's Cay Yacht Club Marina we offer 4 accommodations that you can book through the email link or Flamingo

Guests can fly to Nassau Bahamas than catch Flamingo Air to Farmers Cay there flight leaves on Wednesday and Fridays.


Here at the Farmer's Cay Yacht Club Marina you can enjoy many exhilarating activities that will leave you mesmerized. We offer swimming with pigs in the beautiful cave and the thunder boll cave and many more sightseeing activities. For more information contact us! We also offer swimming with green turtles here on little Farmer's Cay, you can fly or boat here! Looking forward to seeing you!


Little Farmer's Cay offers a population of only about 70, but it was the first Exuma to be inhabited. A small grocery and liquor store and the restaurant make it a convenient stop for boaters planning both short and long distance trips. A cell tower is on the island so service is good in this regard too.


Be sure to enjoy the short stroll to the top of the hill and enjoy the fantastic views while you are here. Some boaters opt to plan a night camping on the beach, so if you enjoy the outdoors this may be another option to consider.


Farmer's Cay Yacht Club and Marina has moorings available, with four slips and a nine foot draft at low tide. The moorings are in a well-sheltered anchorage. You should note that due to the ocean bottom, it is highly recommended to moor in this area of the Bahamas.


Everyone at home will want to know how your trip is going, and you can easily connect (and gloat) with them at this updated marina which boasts FREE WIFI.

More Amenities!

  • Drinking Water: Refill your water reserves during your stop.
  • Electricity: Ample power is available in both 50 and 30 amps.
  • Gas/ Service Station: Fuel up (gas and deisel are both available) and tune up if you need to.
  • Dressing Room: Refresh yourself too at Farmer's Cay Yacht Club and Marina!

Bar & Restaurant

Meet some locals, enjoy great food at a great rate, and a well deserved drink. Open from 9:00AM to midnight, you can have a meal whenever your schedule needs it.


Whether looking for a break, needing out of a storm's way, or prehaps you plan on exploring this amazing little island armer's Cay Yacht Club and Marina can arrange for you to rent a room on the island too.

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Farmer's Cay Yacht Club and Marina Contact Information:
Phone: 242 355 4017