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Emeralds International Coral and Emerald Rings Emeralds International Coral and Emerald Rings
Gorgeous high end emerald rings Gorgeous high end emerald rings
Unique gold kitten necklace and tree frog necklace Unique gold kitten necklace and tree frog necklace
Beautiful Emerald Snake Ring and Emerald Drop Earings Beautiful Emerald Snake Ring and Emerald Drop Earings
Emerald and Gold Dragon Belt Buckle and Atocha Emerald Ring Emerald and Gold Dragon Belt Buckle and Atocha Emerald Ring

One of the best-known jewelry establishments in the Florida Keys

Welcome To Emeralds International

Emeralds International is one of Key West's finest jewelry stores and local treasures with an international following. Since 1964, this second generation family business has built a reputation based on expertise, unique designs, high quality gems, and incredible customer care. The high end and many custom designed jewelry designs offered at this prestigious boutique jewelry store is truly one of the best ways to commemorate a vacation to Key West.

Emeralds International is not a typical jewelry store either; it is a showcase of wearable art including some of the leading designers in the industry. This family-run business not only boasts over five decades of experience, but an expertise that is respected by other experts, including top gemological institutions, from around the world.

Celebrities, fashionista's, and those with a true appreciation for art all hold a piece of Marcial de Gomar in their jewelry collection. He is the founder and designer behind Emeralds International who started out independent emerald mining on horseback in the wild jungles of Colombia in the early 1950's.

The Collections

Marcial de Gomar
As one of the world's leading authorities on emeralds and queen conch pearls, Marcial de Gomar brings his passion and experience to every piece he, and his son-in-law Carl Anthony, create.

Their emerald collection includes men's rings, one-of-a- kind designs, freeform rough emerald designs as well as women's bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants. You will also find incredible gems such as natural black Australian opal from the Lightning Ridge mine, the extremely rare red beryl from Utah, and even another unique US gem, the Oregon Sunstone. There is precision and care, uniqueness and quality in every piece of this fine jewelry collection to be found, from the contemporary to classic Mudejar influence, you’ll see things in their showroom that you won’t see elsewhere, all under one roof.

Marcial de Gomar uses the finest queen conch pearls (the rarest pearl found in the ocean) and delivers unexpected designs from these rare jewels. His creativity stands center stage with each of the pieces in this exclusive collection.

This collection is well known for its exquisite diamond rings. Engagement and weddings rings of supreme quality are on offer, as well as fun and sophisticated pieces for every day and special occasions. Hundreds of celebrities have worn a piece from Sylvie because of its high caliber and distinct designs.

Exquisite jewelry store in Key West

Slack Designs
Crafted in gold and silver with emerald, diamond, ruby and sapphires, the Designs by Slack animal collection is as fun as it is opulent. Capturing playful felines at their best, this signature collection is a great gift for every animal lover.

James Binnion
The unique selection of men and women's rings crafted in the ancient Japanese art of "wood grain" Mokume -gane, melds white and yellow gold, palladium, rose gold, platinum, silver and even 22KT gold into the finest artisan band rings. The result is stunning and unlike anything easily found elsewhere. These sophisticated yet eclectic rings were created as wedding bands, but can truly be worn for any reason.

Carnation Designs
The high quality emerald collection offered by Carnation Designs are especially elegant. Merging traditional with contemporary, these pieces stand out when worn.

Imagine owning a piece of history that initially was intended for the King of Spain and has been sitting at the bottom of the ocean waiting to be discovered since 1622. The treasures that can be found at Emeralds International are made up of emeralds and artifacts recovered from the world famous sunken Spanish galleon, the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, recovered by the late treasure hunter Mel Fisher, and are considered by many to be the rarest in the world. Finally found only thirty years ago these Emeralds have fascinated treasure hunters and collectors ever since. Manuel Marcial de Gomar is considered the ultimate authority when it comes to emeralds from the Atocha.

About Emeralds International Founder, Marcial de Gomar

Founded by Manuel Marcial de Gomar in 1964, Emeralds International was moved to Key West from Lahaina, in 1980. Marcial de Gomar has dedicated his life to his passion: emeralds and conch pearls. He began mining these precious stones at the young age of 19, was one of the first to introduce rough emerald gems into his jewelry, and along with developing a grading system for Atocha emeralds, he has also introduced a color description guide to help appraisers identify and value one of the most precious and rarest pearls in the world, the queen conch pearl. His most recent crowning achievement was cutting the largest start emerald in the world which was recently featured in the Gemological Institute of America's quarterly journal.

These are just a few of the highlights from his incredible and inspiring life and he is currently working on his autobiography documenting the many adventures and influences in his fascinating life.

His dedication and ardor for emeralds and conch pearls now sees over five decades of custom designs and developing a showroom of gems that you will not see replicated anywhere else. Taking his knowledge and passion even further to the global stage, are the second generation of husband and wife team consisting of daughter and son-law, Marina del Alba and Carl Anthony, who continue to build upon the incredible foundation and legacy that Manuel Marcial de Gomar has created.

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