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Welcome To Eco Explorer

ECO EXPLORER Vallarta's mission is to develop a close link between the browser and nature tourists, to raise awareness for better conservation and sustainable development in the Banderas Bay region. Offering 100% personalized attention to their clients, offering a pleasant atmosphere of adventure, security, entertainment, exploration and knowledge, which will make this an unforgettable experience for our customers echo.


As well as providing quality services with accessible rates to all ECO TOURIST who like activities.

Our Vision

Being the eco-tourism company highly regarded for his leadership in the implementation of environmental activities of recreation. Closer actions between the social sector and scientific in order to make improvements in research, conservation, environmental education and natural resources.

Our Tours

Jet Ski Safari

Enjoy a thrilling Jet Ski ride in Puerto Vallarta as you’ve never done, you’ll discover the most beautiful places around Puerto Vallarta but now from the ocean and this ride becomes even better when you’ll combined with snorkeling right after you cross side to side the entire town. Drive your personal wave runner and challenge your skills riding over the waves while you are watching the hotel zone, romantic zone, down town, Los muertos beach and Los Arcos national Park following your guides until you’ll get to the paradisiacal and private beach named Colomitos, which is perfect for snorkeling when conditions allowed it.


Kayak Fishing

Puerto Vallarta tour of Kayak Fishing is enjoy the best experience of fishing, is enjoy the spectacular scenes and have a direct contact with the sea, is to navigate your own account feeling each wave and listening the slightest sound SPLASH of any fish. For all the lovers of fishing and nature there is no better way to enjoy the world an have full nature contact. Our Puerto Vallarta tours will takes you on board in our perfectly equipped boats to most spectacular places where our guides will provide all equipment necessary for the type of fishing season including kayak that is extraordinary adapted for one of the experience of your life always followed and supported by people perfect and strictly trained to care for your safety always.


Snorkel Expedition

Puerto Vallarta snorkel tours well known for its diverse underwater wildlife – and this snorkeling in puerto vallarta tour allows you to submerge and interact with the spectacular colored fish ad exotic marine animals. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will take you to see some of the most beautiful parts of the Bay: Los Arcos, Majahuitas and the Marietas Islands are just some of those that we visit during our tour.


Humpback Whale Watching

One of the most rewarding experiences to be in Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay, is being in real contact with nature, this experience becomes unique and exciting to be in the atmosphere of the majestic humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae), also known as yubarta, jibarte or xibarte. Why whale watching in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay, because is the sanctuary of giant marine mammals in this environment and we can enjoy watching the most spectacular whale species, which captivates with its impressive splash, tail, fluttering, beautiful games offspring, and no doubt astonish you to hear the amazing songs of these wonderful whales, be mesmerized.



Fly board Puerto Vallarta tour is the newest tour offered in the area by the professionals completly certified instructors and it is also the newest extreme water sport or activity in the world. You`ll have the chance to fly over 12 ft above the surface and dive with the propulsion of the 215 HP Jet ski operated for one of our very experience riders who will take care about your safe and fun while fly. Meeting point is in Marina Vallarta were you`ll be driven by ocean to the fly point right in front of the Puerto Vallarta`s beach and the instructor provide all the information and skills to mantain perfect balance standing on the new 2014 fly board gear for 30 minutes and then comes back to the Marina after to have a lot of fun.