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Captain Phil's Bonefishing Guide Service delivers outstanding half-day and full-day bonefishing excursions for anglers of all skill levels. Whether looking for a bit of sportfishing therapy during a visit by cruise ship or planning on the ultimate bonefishing getaway, Captain Phil can help all.

Captain Phil's Bonefishing Guide Service is based out of Mclean’s Town, Grand Bahamas Island, where we run half-day and full-day bonefish charters. To swiftly get on and off the flats, and to follow those bones in the shallowest of waters, our guide service is outfitted with 5, 17 ft. Mavericks flat skiffs powered by 85 horsepower Yamaha engines. Whether you want to go after them with a fly rod or light tackle, our guides will ensure that you are safe, happy, and ultimately receive the perfect saltwater fishing experience.

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Fly Fishing in Grand Bahama

Rods: For hunting and catching the Bahamas’ most sought-after game fish, The Silver Ghost, you use an 8 or 9 weight rod. They’ll work for normal to windy weather. For the delicate presentation use an 8 weight rod with a long leader and an un-weighted fly. A 9 to 10 weight rod is recommended for Sharks, Tarpon, Barracudas, & Permits.

Reels/Line: Use Saltwater reel which carries at least 150 yd. of 20 lb. backing. Use Weight Forward floating line and 7 – 14 ft. leader with an 8 – 12 lb. test tippet.

Flies: Gotchas, Mini puffs, Omeko Specials, Crab Patterns, Clouser Deep Minnow-tan & white, Mantis Pattern, etc.

Light Tackle

Rods: To catch bonefish using spinning gear, use a 6 1/2 to 7ft. light rod.

Reels/Line: The reel should be open faced with a 200 yd. capacity. Line should be 8 -10 lb. test.

Hook: # 1/0-03 bare/claw.

Bait: Shrimp is recommended as bait, but lures such as the 1/8-1/4 oz. Up- riding Flat Willie Jigs, Bills jig worms or Millies jigs#155 can be used.


Full Day: $450.00

(Two customers max per boat)

A Full day consists of 8 hrs. of fishing:

  • Full day pickup is 7 a. m.

Half Day: $350.00

(Two customers max per boat)

A Half day is 4 hrs. of fishing:

  • Half day morning pick up is 7 a.m.

  • Half day afternoon pick up is 11 a. m.


  • Food & Drinks
  • Wading Boots
  • Sun Block/Suntan Lotion
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Long Pants
  • Polarized Shades
  • Broad Rim Hat

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