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Gloucester's Most Popular Whale Watch

Come To Boston’s Massachusetts Most Popular Whale Watch Tour - Cape Ann Whale Watch

Cape Ann Whale Watch is rated the #1 Boston Massachusetts Whale watching tour sailing from Gloucester. With Cape Ann Whale Watch you are guaranteed sightings of whales during each of the tours they offer. The team is very enthusiastic about whale watching and surely they will give you a memorable experience. If you are looking for some great whale watching in Gloucester then Cape Ann Whale Watch is the best choice.

Why Choose Cape Ann Whale Watch?

For 35 years and counting Cape Ann Whale Watch has brought tourists whale watching where they will be guaranteed to see the whale species. There is a huge variety of whale species that come to Gloucester, Massachusetts. You will be brought to one of the world’s top whale watching destinations which is the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Reserve in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The Extravagant Vessel: The Hurricane II

The Hurricane II is known as the largest and fastest vessel in Massachusetts. It is 115 ft in length and has massive room on both the upper and observation lower deck to observe the whales.

Inside the vessel there is a heated and furnished indoor cabin which offers hot meals, snacks and cold beverages (beer, wine, juice, mixed drinks and more) for the guests.

The Whales

During your whale watching tour you will have the chance to see many different species. You can see the many different species of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Some of the species you could encounter during your whale watching adventure are The Humpback Whale, The Fin Whale, The Minke Whale, The Atlantic White-sided Dolphin, The Northern Right Whale, The Harbor Porpoise, The Sei Whale, The Blue Whale, The Sperm Whale, and The Long Finned Pilot Whale. See More On The Whales.

What You Should Bring On The Whale Watching Adventure!

  • Camera. Don’t forget to charge your battery and bring an extra memory card!
  • Sweater or jacket. Even on a warm day. It’s always 10-20 degrees coolers out on the water.
  • Wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes. No heels, please! Remember, you are dressing to go on a whale watch, not a club.
  • Sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are the best for whale watching because they reduce the glare and help you see into the water better—thus seeing the whales better.
  • Hat and Sunscreen.
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