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Discover Anguilla in one of the best ways possible

For a fun and economical way to get around while visiting the island Boo's Car And Cycle Rentals is the way to go!

They are a very reputable vehicle rental agency on Anguilla. The best part is they haveunique transportation options for you to choose from, and are always ready and willing to accommodate you. At Boo's Car And Cycle rentals you have the choice to rent a motorcycle, bicycle, or a scooter to tour the island. Whichever you choose you can expect superior customer service and a friendly and helpful staff.

Contact Boo's the old fashioned way, by phone! This family owned and operated business prefers to speak to you directly, so they can ensure complete customer satisfaction. For pricing and reservations we recommend you call before your departure. Boo's is typically very flexible so if you make a reservation and it should rain that day, they will be willing to transfer your reservation to another day if space is available.

A few things to remember when driving in Anguilla are:
They drive on the left side of the road
You must hold a valid driver's license from your country of origin
You must obtain a drivers license in Anguilla (which is easily obtainable through Boo's car and cycle rentals)

Speed limits are strictly enforced so be sure you follow the posted limits, as it is not enjoyable to be pulled over in a foreign country or to be pulled over at all for that matter!

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Boo's Car and Cycle Rentals Contact Information:
Phone: 264 497 8523