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Scuba Diving in Bermuda Scuba Diving in Bermuda
Ship wreck capital of the world Ship wreck capital of the world
Blue Water Divers & Watersports Review Blue Water Divers & Watersports Review
Group scuba diving tour with Blue Water in Bermuda Group scuba diving tour with Blue Water in Bermuda

Dive wreck capitol of the world

Bermuda is the dive wreck capitol of the world, and Blue Water Divers & Watersports is the longest running dive centre on the island.

Blue Water Divers & Watersports is one of the best choices to help you discover what waits below Bermuda's fascinating depths. From the gear to the boat, everything has been hand selected and purposely built to ensure the perfect dive for every guest.

Whether you are staying in Bermuda for a week or just stopping by on a cruise ship Blue Water Divers & Watersports is the go to guide.

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Scuba Tours All Year Round in Bermuda

Open all year round, divers looking for a getaway dedicated to their scuba diving passion will find the company and location a perfect combination. Convenience and customer service are exceptional with Blue Water. A full range of services include; PADI courses, diving trips, water sport excursions, accommodation packages and more!

Throughout the year Blue Water Divers & Watersports offers daily scuba opportunities. In the morning two tank dives are available and cater to both beginner and advanced divers. In the afternoon a one tank dive is available which is ideal for beginners.

Scuba in Bermuda During the Winter for the best Visibility

Throughout the winter months diving is flexible and can be arranged according to your schedule. Winter diving may sound chilly to some, but with the proper gear and right advice it is actually a preferred time to go out. Not only are sites less frequented but visibility is much better than the summer months. During the summer your view ranges between 40 and 80 feet, while in the winter you will be able to see 100 to 120 feet into the amazing waters. The Wreck Capital of the world: Bermuda

As the wreck capital of the world there are many sites to see around Bermuda.

Blue Water Divers & Watersports has a unique location which allows them access to dive sites in the North, West, and South. This makes it a superior choice for all types of dives, but especially multi-day. No matter the weather or the current, there is always a site to be discovered with them.

Popular Dive sites in Bermuda

Some of the more popular sites are The Hermes, a fully intact Navy vessel measuring 165 feet long and weighing 254 tons; purposely sunk to create an artificial reef. This is a favorite because the visibility undersea is exceptional, marine life healthy, and the ship remains in excellent condition.

The Deep, a movie released in 1977 has made the Constellation and Montana another famous site. Here you find two wrecks close to each other and they are only 12 m from the surface. Swim through possibilities are another highlight of this site.

The Xing Da is another purposely sunk ship, which was seized for human trafficking and contraband. The huge freighter is a fantastic dive opportunity. These are just a few of the incredible dive spots available with Blue Water Divers.

Other Tour Options with Blue Water Divers & Watersports

Whale Watching:
Migration of whales occurs in March and April. Take advantage of this awe-inspiring opportunity if you are in Bermuda during this time.

Tons of additional activities are available so contact Blue Water Divers if you are looking for some activities on the ocean!

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