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Experience The Island With Beautiful Waters With Us

Guadeloupe is a friendly and unique destination in the Caribbean. Anbadlola Guadeloupe Plongee is the perfect pairing for adventurers and families alike. This is one of the top places to learn free diving, go spearfishing, and enjoy a snorkel experience. With options for almost every age and an opportunity that is unique Anbadlola Guadeloupe Plongee is a fantastic activity during your Guadeloupe getaway.

Why We Highly Recommend Anbadlola Guadeloupe Plongee

For those who love exploring what lies beneath the ocean's surface free diving, snorkeling, and spear fishing are exciting activities to do on vacation. Anbadlola is truly an exceptional place to learn and expand on your skills. Of course, everyone who participates should be able to swim and hold their breath underwater, but the techniques that are learned will be used for a lifetime. The vivid, interesting, and cool underwater sites will be appreciated for years to come. The team will also make an impression that lasts, and have guests wanting to return again. Recipient of TripAdvisor's "Certificate of Excellence" past guests and industry experts agree that Anbadlola is truly exceptional.

For all of our activities, we welcome you in Cote-sous-le-Vent, in the Caribbean side of Guadeloupe, « The island with beautiful waters ». After falling in love with this friendly and genuine Basse-Terre, we laid down our fins at Plage Anse Caraïbes, Pointe-Noire, in 2010. It was a love at first sight, how warm and clear the water is, the diversity and beauty of the Caribbean sea’s animals fulfilled our expectations and most of all our wishes of ocean’s lovers. It was the ideal place to share our passion for the sea. After spending our last years in France building what free diving is near pools with the French Free Diving Team, it was time to come back, far away from sport performance, to the simple happiness of being in the water watching and trying to understand a wild nature who only shows herself to the ones who know how to love her.

Our quest for harmony with the sea is a long yet really pleasant journey, sharing a little bit of it with you gives it an extra reason to be: the beauty and passion are only worth it if shared! This is the story of how AN-BA DLO LA was created. By the way, what does “AN-BA DLO LA” stand for? It’s Creole, naturally, we are living in Guadeloupe and respecting and promoting the culture of our welcoming land with a name that really comes from here seemed essential to us. It simply means “AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WATER”, underwater, yes!

Free Diving: Introduction / Improvement

Freediving courses are provided by Antoine MAESTRACCI, National Free Diving Instructor, founder of the first freediving school in Guadeloupe, but also former Captain of the French Team that got a Gold medal at the CMAS Games, which make him able to teach you in an appropriate way, no matter of your level of experience. The classes take place in the core of the Parc National de Guadeloupe, an exceptional surrounding: the cliffs full of fishes of the Ilets Pigeon (Cousteau sea-park) but also on shipwrecks, that allow you to be amazed while improving yourself, what else to be asked for?

The classes can be attended alone or with your diving partner, Antoine will fit himself to your potential and your level and will adapt his methods to your own capacities. If you wish to improve yourself, 3 shipwrecks can constitute your playground during the classes and according to your progression: the Franjack for those who dive around 20 meters, the AugustinFrenel for those who dive around 30 meters and the Gustavia, for those who go up to 40 meters.

Guided Snorkeling

The Caribbean sea is warm, calm and clear all year long and has a lot of things to show without any need to go deep: you will be amazed by the amount and diversity of the fishes that you can see from the surface and by the number of Green turtles living in the bay. The guide that will be with you is a Caribbean wildlife expert and will find, depending on the streams, the place that will hold the best encounterings. He will at all time be near you in the water, will comment on the tour and will answer every question you may have during the activity.

We are restricting the number of people participating at 10 per guide so the tour remains friendly and so everyone can hear what the guide says. Children can take part in the activity starting from 4 years old, come share with your family half a day as funny as educational that will please everyone. The permanent presence of the guide makes the activity enjoyable by beginners and youngest children, that for he is also here for your safety and comfort.

He takes an inflatable board with him that the children can hold to, and for the smallest, climb on it so they can watch the fishes thanks to the Aquascope we will give you if they ever come to be tired of wearing their mask… Because we know that some children love new things…. But not for too long.

Spear Fishing

The one who likes fishing or fish hunting has many ways to be happy at AN-BA DLO LA too. You can go spare fishing all year long in the clear and warm seas of the Caribbean. They are full of fishes, hold a lot of diversity and you can come across (and catch) species that you could dream of: carangues, thazards, coryphènes, marlin… National Instructor of Spare Fishing, Antoine can teach you or help you improve techniques that are suited to the Caribbean Sea. The outgoings are tailored to yourself, any subject of your choice can be tackled: equipment choice, having your crossbow ready, the choice of your fishing place, stealth improvement…

The activity is open starting from 16 years old for the crossbow/spare gun use. Under 16 years old, we can introduce your teen to the use of the pole spear in order to catch his first lion-fishes, delicious to eat but a bit difficult to catch because of its poisonous fins. Beware, during all of the activities only fishes that are going to be eaten will be caught, when going back to the beach the fish will be shared between the people who attended the activity.

With us, fishing isn’t a competition, but a good way to go shopping for sushis, tartar or evening barbecue!

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