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Achieve Good Kite Control And Confidence

Welcome to AGKiteboarding

We offer private and group kiteboarding lessons, but we also offer kitesurf equipment rentals. Our goal is to help you achieve good kite control and confidence for quick results and great satisfaction during your kitesurflessons.

What We Teach

We will introduce you to the kitesurf sport. Teaching the different skills on the beach how to master your power-kite explain the safety rules. We will teach you how to stay safe, master and asses wind, wind gusts and location. We will teach you how to use all safety systems, equipment set-up and kite-control.

It is time to hit the water, you will now learn the full power of the wind, we teach you body-dragging, self-rescue, relaunching your kite and board recovery. If you master this then it is time for your first water start and start to learn how to ride your kiteboard.

You are now ready to kitesurf independently. Practice, because the more you learn, the more fun you will have. It is time to start, ride up-wind, toe-side and maybe your very first jump! We will guide you in controlling board and kite, self-lading and launching and changing directions without stopping. You are ready for fun.

It is time to teach you the art of kiteboarding. Riding in all directions and circumstances. The jumping techniques, jumps with a grab, jibing, and rescue other people. It is also time to learn how to tune your kite, how to optimize your gear. The ocean is yours now, have fun , be safe and teach others what you know.

Kitesurf Lessons

We offer private and group kitesurf lessons plus equipment rentals here in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Our lessons includes kitesurf equiment, safety and communication gear. Need more information on our lessons and prices?

Rent Stand Up Paddle Equipement

Cabarete bay is the perfect spot to do some SUP in the morning. The calm ocean and the amazing reef will mesmerize you. Paddle out and see the turtles swimming by, enjoy the calm waves on the reef. Just relax because there is an afternoon packed full of wind waiting for you.

Rent a sup-board : 10$USD/hour

Rent Foil Boarding Equipement

Cabarete bay is the perfect place to do some foil boarding. Low winds, small kite and gliding over Cabarete bay gives you an amazing feeling, just come and try it! A foilboard or hydrofoil board is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. This design causes the board to leave the surface of the water at various speeds. As a result of reduced friction, hydrofoils can attain high speeds and lift at lower speeds compared to conventional designs.-wikipedia-

Rent a foilboard : 25$USD/hour

Foil Board Lessons

Come learn how to foil, foiling is the king of light air performance, making 8 knots seem like a windy day! For example: in 10 knots of wind you can do almost 30 knots, and run upwind at 30 degree angles to the wind! You can now ride anytime you can fly a kite! Foiling is the king of saving light air sessions, offering effortless speed and carving akin to riding a wave like a surfer, but in flat water. The speed and power a foilboard generates is almost addictive .

Kite Trip to Buen Hombre

We organize kitesurfing trips to Buen Hombre – Monte Cristi. A full day trip, we start early in the morning from Cabarete to get to our kitespot in time. Buen Hombre is well known for it’s butter-flat water and strong winds. A gorgeous location and a mecca for those who like to ride in real flat water conditions. Check out a small video we made to get an idea of Buen Hombre as a kitesurfspot.

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