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ADGE Hotel dares to be different, with cutting-edge design and a 5-star strong guest focus.

ADGE Apartment Hotel is a trendy accommodation in the heart of Surry Hills in the city of Sydney, Australia. This luxury hotel merges the style of a boutique hotel with the convenience of a self-catering stay. It is perfectly suited for couples, friends, and family alike in search of something funky and outstanding.

"ADGE Hotel dares to be different, with cutting-edge design and a 5-star strong guest focus. From eccentric decor to graffiti wall art and hotel services like your own personal grocery shopper, along with a complimentary welcome treat and cheese platter, it's clear our attention to detail sets us apart. The high-end customer service provided by ADGE Hotel will ensure that you feel at home throughout your stay in Surry Hills."

Why We Highly Recommend ADGE Hotel

ADGE Apartment Hotel is a trendsetter in so many ways. From the style to the service, amenities to location everything has been meticulously thought out to ensure an exceptional experience for guests.

THE STYLE | A modern take on groovy designs makes for an exciting yet unusual hotel experience. Bright colors, sleek lines, and stylish furnishings create a very welcoming and inspired atmosphere.

THE SERVICE | A special welcome treat, a cheese platter upon arrival, a surprising turn-down service, a smartphone to use during your stay, and complimentary bottled water in the evenings are just a few of the features that testify to the quality and care extended to guests at ADGE.

THE LOCATION | Found in Sydney's suburb Surry Hills, the location offers tons of restaurants and shopping within walking distance, as well as easy access to Central Station (which is right around the corner) to explore attractions not accessible on foot.

THE ACCOMMODATIONS | These ultra-urban spaces are fit for the 21st century. From the design to the amenities these abodes deliver everything the modern traveler expects. Plus, being apartments, guests have extra conveniences and can cut down on the cost of eating out.

The Accommodations

Look forward to a comfortable, sophisticated, and creative space at ADGE Apartment Hotel. As the name suggests all of their suites have full kitchens. In addition, they also have seating and dining areas. WIFI, grocery stocking, and expansive balconies also await. Peruse the list below and select the title for more information.

The Loft Cityscape is one of the best Sydney penthouse suites in town when it comes to daring, spacious design and luxurious extra's.

The Loft Eastside Sydney Penthouse suite is one of the premier penthouses in Sydney with a unique and modern design you will feel right at home.

TWO BEDROOM CITYSCAPE from $439 per night
Upscale 60 square meters, two bedrooms, two bathrooms suite with stunning views of Surry Hills and a large wrap-around, 'L Shaped' balcony.

TWO BEDROOM EASTSIDE from $429 per night
Upscale, 60 square meters, two bedrooms, two bathrooms suite with an open plan lounge.

Upscale, spacious two bedrooms, two bathrooms suite.

Upscale, spacious, two bedrooms, two bathrooms suite, featuring an open plan lounge.

Dining at ADGE

Italian food & wine is served at ADGE's restaurant Baccomatto Osteria. Breakfast is served Monday through Saturday from 6:.30 AM to 10:00 AM, and it is extended until 10:30 AM on Sundays. Monday through Thursday it is open for dinner from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, and Friday through Sunday lunch and dinner are both served. Baccomatto Osteria has recently received 1 hat at The Sydney Morning Herald 2017 Good Food Guide Awards.

More Information

If you have any questions or are ready to reserve your spot be sure to connect with ADGE Apartment Hotel directly. Their team is local and can best answer your inquiries, plus it gives you the opportunity to experience their service first-hand and before you arrive.

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