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Mauritius, a paradisiac island where you will be able to make your dreams of observing dolphins in their natural environment comes true. Dolswim can make this dream even more beautiful.

Swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat. Spy acrobatic humpback whales safely as they migrate south between July and November. Almost all year-round you can watch the sperm-whale at play. DolSwim brings you as close to these majestic sea creatures as possible, while always keeping the mammals experience safe and noninvasive. An eco-friendly adventure that is sure to be unforgettable for years to come awaits.

For over 15 years DolSwim has been introducing travelers to friendly dolphins and mesmerizing whales. Their excursions are always guided by experts, their boats kept in tip-top shape, and their excursions carefully crafted to ensure they exceed guests expectations. Every Mauritius bucket list should have this tour high up on the list.

Not only do people enjoy this excursion, but it is obvious the sea life does too. Dolphins return to the same spot every morning in anticipation of their human friends. They are very social and playful, and not shy at all. The whales are viewed from a boat and seem to put on shows for their audience.

Why We Highly Recommend DolSwim

Whether a nature enthusiast or family looking for a unique tour, friends in need of an adventure or a couple looking for an intimate experience DolSwim's excursions are sure to exceed your expectations. The allure of swimming with dolphins and whale watching is certainly a big draw, but there are many features that set DolSwim as the go-to guide for these adventures in Mauritius.

To start, the emphasis on responsible touring does not go unnoticed. DolSwim keeps their groups small, opting to send out more than one boat if need be. This ensures guests get a better view, and that the dolphins and whales do not get stressed out. During the dolphin swim they only allow two guests at a time in the water. Again, ensuring a better experience for both visitors and mammals alike. They follow the recommended international guidelines developed by marine biologists to ensure the mammal's experience is as great as your own.

The team at DolSwim is highly trained and continues to take courses and gain certifications every year. They are taught by marine biologists. This means that they are up to date on the best ways to interact with the sea life and they are well educated on each species lifestyle. Their hospitality and ability to balance academics with fun are a big part of the signature experience DolSwim delivers.

Safety extends well beyond life jackets. The team explains the dos and don'ts, the boats are meticulously maintained, and with more than one going out at a time even if the engine were to break you won't be left stranded. Safety hasn't been overlooked for the dolphins and whales either. Propellor guards are one example of the safety features for the mammals.

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There are two whale watching expeditions on offer with DolSwim. Click the title for more information.


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