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Noord, Aruba

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A Culinary Experience With A Feast For The Pallet

Welcome To 2 Fools & A Bull

It's a dinner party with 15 strangers.....Friends at the end of the night! The simplicity in dining out. After your online reservation, or even you got in with a last minute cancellation thru the wait list.....it all begins at 7pm Sharp! Greeted by Fool 1, Pauly, and Fool 2, Bas... the welcoming begins with a glass of champagne on the back yard patio. Fool 1 will get every body welcomed and the meet and greet is started. Fool 2 already preparing the first 2 appetizers and the experience starts at 7.30. Our Foolish Dining Experience Will Cost You $105 per person, Wines are extra by the glass.

A 5-course dinner will be prepared in front of you by master chef Bas. A culinary experience with a feast for the pallet. Diet requirements are taken care for, if know in advance... Not at 7pm... too late and you will be Fool 3...!! The smallest bar of Aruba but actually, only Fool 1 takes drinks from that. Fool 1 is THE sommelier of Aruba, and offers a wine pairing by the glass, designed to match the 5-Course dinner that Fool 2 prepares for you. In between the 5 course dinner we have small breaks, to mingle and to give you the opportunity to meet your fellow diners. "When we ring the bell, the next course is coming" Again... simple dining in your Foolish House.

Now after 5 years of being Fool 1, I can say honestly that this last year was the best the Fools had to offer! Bas the new chef has created a totally new dimension for the Fools. Surprising great menu's, full of more flavors, superb presentations, and a Foolishly great personality for the Fools...(and that's No Bull!) I think we also got voted best restaurant in the Caribbean... not bad. Anyway... after all these years we also have some simple rules... of the Fools. Online reservations only, but we also offer a wait list if we are booked. Now keep in mind, reservations are made a year out... they can always change. So if on the waitlist... call us when you arrive and please do check your emails or phone messenger in the hotel room You might could get a last minute call... Or call us.

No Vegans... No Vegetarians... No Children... No Drunks... and... No Phones... Don't Be A Fool.......!

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