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Finally arriving at your destination means you are here, you have arrived! Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately (some might think), when you arrive in the Caribbean this usually entails a drive before you can arrive at your hotel and be on your merry way. I like to think of it as half of the fun, because watching the scenery and feeling like you are at one with your new destination is unbeatable.

Saint Lucia Travel InfoWhen I arrived in St. Lucia, I saw the difference early on, absolutely everywhere you look the view includes mesmerizing greenery and the outstanding Pitons’ – volcanic plugs that are arguably the island’s most famed landmark. These majestic mounds can be gazed at no matter where one finds themselves in St. Lucia.

Being one of the better known islands, means that there are flights here daily from mainland USA, Canada, and regular connections from the rest of the world. Sometimes it may be better to book two flights separately, one using LIATairlines flying in the Caribbean if you find a deal to another nearby island. It is a big bonus that really anytime of the year is a great time to visit the island, but be warned, during the winter months of course the island is at its peak with people from all over visiting this piece of heaven on earth to rejuvenate and relax.

If you feel like you’ll be venturing off to many different areas (and honestly why wouldn’t you),  rent a car with a trusted company such as Avis . Avis  is the most convenient with several locations, including at the airport or in town. Be aware, you’ll have to pay $22 at the airport for a drivers license in St. Lucia (provided you have a valid license from back home).

History & Culture 

As with many islands, they faced a long colonization battle between France and Britain over who eventually could call the Saint Lucia Rainforestland its own. The British secured St. Lucia in 1814 and in 1958 St. Lucia gained independence and joined the West Islands Federation.  St. Lucia has a very impressive and striking array of features: mountainous peaks, rainforests, waterfalls, sandy beaches and the natural harbor means that so much can be appreciated within one island, making it feel much bigger than it is. No need to worry about language problems, as English is the main language and US cash is widely accepted throughout. Be wary of only carrying your credit card. They are only accepted in more touristic areas. Something we want to inform you on, so you hopefully won’t have the same problems I did – being unable to pay for your gas in the middle of nowhere because plastic is not accepted and ATM’s are no where to be seen.

Hotels & Resorts

There are so many amazing accommodation choices in St Lucia. There truly is something for everyone. I’ve amassed a great collection of places to stay, each with their own unique point of view on St. Lucia, and the category they are found in.

Luxury at its Glory – St. Lucia is no stranger to incredible spa’s and five star service.

Exclusive Couples Resort in the Caribbean

The Rendezvous experience is the perfect all-inclusive escape for lovers. Shamelessly dedicated, the entire hotel has been designed with this in mind; ‘finding time for that special someone in your life, and enjoying every minute of it’. You will not only reignite that spark, but your inner self too.


Pampering at body holiday resort and spaSt. Lucia is home to one of the most incredible spa resorts in the world, LeBody Holiday Resort & Spa. Even if you unabe to spend a week here, try to spend a day or two pampering yourself at the spa. You deserve to dedicate a piece of your vacation to being treated like royalty. Their rejuvenation techniques are unparalleled and will leave you recharged, stress free, and fulfilled.


Review of Windjammer Resort in St LuciaWindjammer Landings is a hillside beachfront resort providing a long list of activities, all inclusive meal plans, and modern but charming surroundings. This is our go to for perfect family fun getaways!


Luxury villa rental in St LuciaLast on our luxury rentals is Cotton Bay, rent a villa for your family and enjoy their exceptional kids club so you won’t have to worry about the little ones at all.


Couples, Honeymooners, Vow Renewals, Weddings… whatever you want to share, St Lucia creates memories that will last a lifetime.

To Kaye Village in St Lucia


When looking for somewhere modern, luxurious, and chic Ti Kaye Village is a great choice. They are experts at providing ease of mind. The staff here promise to take care of anything you need – from your vow renewals, to honeymooning or just simply a well deserved vacation.


Unique accommodations in St LuciaFor those looking for something completely different, than look no further than Crystals located in Soufriere. The style is that of tree house cottages, and trust me, each feeling like a private abode. Its utterly incredibly unique. Choosing here for your special day only means your holiday will be talked about for years!


Fond Douz Estate Is Tropical Gardens at the top of your must-have list? If so, only Fond Doux Estate will do, This getaway is part colonial plantation, and part resort. The lush gardens provide a picturesque and awe-inspiring backdrop. And, not only will you get a little history, but if you so wish, you can partake in all the different processes of cacao harvesting – to see how chocolate is really made.


Balenbouche for Weddings in st LucaLooking for seclusion? We suggest Balenbouche Estate where tranquility is easy to find with everything at least 15 minutes away – maybe you’ll rethink leaving? This family owned heritage site offers over 70 acres and includes an original Plantation House, 18th century sugar mill, fruit and flower gardens, lily ponds, nature trails and secluded beaches. perfect for an intimate wedding or honeymoon!

Vacation Rentals – The ever expanding discerning travel trend is embraced by many of St Lucia’s incredible getaway options.

Cheap apartment hotel in St LuciaPoinsettia Apartments offers something a little different from than typical ho-hum of resorts. Being in an apartment setting, staying at Poinsettia creates that atmosphere of home, while yhe staff are knowledgeable on the islands, its surroundings and activities that are a must. You can even rent a bicycle or a car from the hotel.


Villa style stays in St LuciaThinking of a loner stay? Check out private villa style accommodations at Cleopatra Villas They are also the best for extra large groups as they can accommodate up to 70 people at once!


Best affordable hotel in St LuciaEspoir Apartments - offers studios, one and two bedroom accommodations, thus being able to lodge more than a few people for a big group trip thereby making it much more affordable.


Often considered a destination for the wealthy, many are surprised to find out St Lucia offers something for everyone!

Overview of Royal by Rex Resorts

When a sophisticated beach resort experience is at the top of your list consider the four star Royal by Rex Resorts Here you will find spa treatments worthy of royalty, a beach more beautiful than Fiji, and service worthy of a fave star rating.

Rex Resorts also offers the St Lucian, an affordable resort option with tons of activities. You will find great suites, and contemporary amenities. Plus, they offer several meal plans so no matter your preference you will find it! The St Lucian sits right next door to Royal, so you can enjoy the resort amenities of the four star at the three star. Both are on one of St Lucia’s most beautiful beaches!


Beauitul view of the Piton from Hummingbird HotelHummingbird Beach Hotel is commonly on top 10 lists for budget hotels within the Eastern Caribbean, and for good reason as they offer a wallet friendly and all around amiable environment. Located in Soufriere, which itself has a very laid back feel, the hotel caters to both families as well as couples looking to embrace such a vibe.


Hotel in Soufriere St LuciaThe Downtown Hotel is a very budget friendly hotel located in the heart of Souofriere. This hotel provides clean and comfortable accommodations. You will be in the middle of all the hustle and bustle, and still be able to spend more of your hard earned dough on activities.



The best part about being on vacation is all that R&R involved, where to start?

Everyone has to visit the Sulphor Spring, which is famous for being the world’s only drive in volcano. It is located close to Soufriere.

Tour guides in st luciaOn land, venture off to the great outdoors with Barefoot Holidays, they offer several excursions from walks in Soufriere, visiting Cacao plantations , ATV plantation excursions, zip lining and so much more.


Ocean Excursion company in St LuciaBy sea, join Mystic Man Tours where you can whale and dolphin watch, enjoy a sail, snorkeling and more. End all the excitement with a quiet boat tour around the island while taking in the stunning view of the Pitons.

Local Fare

Eating in St LuciaIn addition to the hotels, there are also plenty of great restaurants you should go out and venture to eat at. For me, part of the fun of going on vacation is the food you’ll get to eat and those calories don’t count (not really, right?). If you love Indian food, the Caribbean is a great place to get Indian cuisine or try it out, if you never have. The reason being many Indians have immigrated to the Caribbean over the centuries, in the past for work purposes but now calling it home.

Spice of India was opened only two years ago, and became the number one restaurant in ALL of St. Lucia  on TripAdvisor in ONLY 2 months after opening! Their food has clearly been tested until perfection. As a bonus, the open kitchen allows diners to see how their food is prepared and ask the chef some tips too! Offering an array of options, you’ll be hard pressed to find something you don’t like.

coal pot restaurant st luciaThen there is Coal Pot Restaurant, the place should be a must on your list of places to eat. Some reviewers claim they have had the best meals of their lives here. The fresh fish from the ocean, cooked to perfection and sitting literally right by the water makes for a great dining experience. Featuring a more refined Caribbean menu means they offer something for all lovers of seafood and beyond. My recommendation? The smoked salmon with champagne, and later for dessert their chocolate cake that features a slightly pudding texture but is truly perfection.

Lastly on your must eat at list, add Jacques Waterfront Dining where you’ll enjoy a wondrous view of the bay, be greeted with the kindest service on the island, and enjoy an epic fine dining experience. Enjoy their seafood and be sure to indulge on some great desserts.

We hope you’ll enjoy a great time in St. Lucia, and the information here and posted on our Facebook page gives you ample knowledge on having a superb trip away! If you have any questions or need some suggestions contact one of our travel advisers direct at:


Luxurious St. Lucia
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What we love most about this luxurious destination is that there are great hotels and resorts for every budget.

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