6 Best Destinations in Baja California

Baja California is found on the West coast of Mexico and serves tourists incredible scenery as the backdrop to their getaway. The idyllic setting is accompanied by exciting nightlife, award winning restaurants (as well as delicious cheap eats), and a lengthy list of activities. Baja California is truly unforgettable for these reasons and more.


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Cabo San Lucas Exhilarating Desert Racing

Wide Open Excursions in Cabo San Lucas is the ultimate thrill ride! Pounding over the dunes, power sliding through gravel washes and catching huge air in race ready desert rippers! Our review today will also include suggestions for a great place to stay and an amazing restaurant to end your off road adventure at. [caption id="attachment_5388"...
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An Epic Ocean Adventure with Cabo Sailing

Certainly one of the best things to do in Cabo is sailing its incredible ocean. This is the ultimate way to share in the beauty of Cabo San Lucas. There are tons of businesses that offer sailing in Cabo, but there is one that stands out on every level; customer service, the excursion, and the...
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Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching – Cabo Trek

When  traveling to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, it is pretty tough to decide what to do. Lazing by the pool is nice, but vacation is also a great opportunity to get out and see things that you might never get to experience again. Cabo San Lucas whale watching is one of those things that you...
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