Travel Ideas in Beautiful Bermuda

Bermuda is a haven of beauty and mystery. It is the perfect destination for an unforgettable honeymoon, rich experiences, and basking in the glory of sun swept beaches. Deciding between islands when heading to the Caribbean is hard, as each has stunning qualities and incredible scenery. Bermuda is not exactly in the Caribbean....

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A Journey Through Bermuda

Bermuda... famous for so many reasons, the beaches, the scenery, and above all its enigma - The Bermuda Triangle. Also called the Devil's Trap, two theories surround it. The first is that an unusual number of disappearances are supernatural related and another claims it has something to do with the lost city Atlantis. The truth...
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Bermuda Vacation Ideas

Bermuda offers unmatched beach scenes. Cliffs hang on the edges of the island, Along the beaches and in the shallow turquoise waters striking boulders offer mother natures own sculptured pieces of art. Lush tropics envelop you while pungent flowers percolate the air and will be missed when you leave. Paradise, luxury and allure come together...
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