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How to Avoid Tourist Traps

Ah, the tourist trap. A place where you can bank on fellow outsiders. You know it will teeming with shops, restaurants and locals all vying for your money. Watch your stuff because sometimes it can be a place where professional pick pockets meet their mark. But, let's be honest. Despite the name, are not all "tourist...
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Explore Livorno, Italy

Livorno, Italy is often considered the gateway to Italy's Tuscany region. This under-the-radar destination has tons to offer, whether you are only coming via cruise ship, thinking of passing through by car, or trying to figure out an alternative to expensive hotels in Florence, Livorno Italy is full of surprises and adventure.


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All About Leon, Mexico

leon-guanajuato-570x380León may be a city you haven't considered for your next getaway, but it offers the perfect copulation of tourist opportunities making it one of Mexico's best city destinations. Rich culture, inviting architecture, shop-o-holic worthy retail, and welcoming locals make it an up-and-coming Mexican escape. It is also a major bus...
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The Art of Travel … with an Infant

Having a 6 month old who has already traveled tens of thousands of kilometers by train, plane, and automobile here are my tried, tested, and true tips on the art of travelling with a baby. This blog is about the actual transport part of travel. I know there is a lot of advice on vacationing but very little...
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6 Best Destinations in Baja California

Baja California is found on the West coast of Mexico and serves tourists incredible scenery as the backdrop to their getaway. The idyllic setting is accompanied by exciting nightlife, award winning restaurants (as well as delicious cheap eats), and a lengthy list of activities. Baja California is truly unforgettable for these reasons and more.


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The Most Bizarre Beaches Around the World

Usually we think palm trees, lounge chairs, and daiquiris when we think of a beach getaway. Today, we are challenging your typical beach impression by showcasing the most bizarre shorelines mother nature (and mankind) has delivered to us. From purple sand to epic rock formations, hidden banks to glassy coasts, we searched the world to bring you the most...
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Coolest of the Quaintest: 7 Tiny House Hotels

Tiny homes have taken North America by storm, and now this trend is extending into unique vacation rental options. Who knows, you might be converted to the lifestyle after this getaway. It started with people looking to simplify their lifestyle, gain financial freedom as well as mobility, and lessen their environmental impact. Now, these ultra...
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8 Amazing Under-the-Radar Destinations 2017

Fresh and invigorating, these beaten-less locales lack the crowds while delivering epic scenery, fascinating attractions, and warm people. You won't get stuck in a tourism tornado or be bombarded on the beach by t-shirt shops. Only jaw-dropping backdrops for the best selfie of your life  and intimate moments you will treasure for years to come... trade in...
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