Baoase Luxury resort at night
Private outdoor spa tub
Luxury suite with private pool
The exclusive beach area at Baoase in Curacao
High end restaurant on the resort property
Suites with eat in gourmet kitchen
A view of the ocean at night from Baoase resort
Beautiful and unique outdoor tub and shower
Concierge service prepare a special champagne evening on your private balcony
Beach area at Baoase Curacao luxury resort
Extra indulgent indoor bathroom

Baoase Luxury Resort

5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars
Best in Luxury Curacao
Resort in Willemstad, Curacao

When luxury is at the forefront of your getaway to Curacao, Baoase Resort delivers the enchanting getaway you're in search for.

Both intimate and chic, Baoase has created a vacation retreat unlike most others. The service, accommodations, activities and discretion ensure the relaxed getaway you seek. This is why we named it the Best Luxury Resort in Curacao 2014. Baoase is the self-proclimaed Ruby of the Caribbean, and it couldn't be more true. The resort is vivid and glowing, just like the precious stone.

This tropical haven offers guests the choice between spacious suites or gourmet villas. The distinct decor and contemporary layouts are reminiscent of a boutique hotel, but with the inclusions of a five star resort.

A full range of activities means there is always something to do, or some where to relax, depending on your mood. Their award winning resort also includes a fantastic concierge service, leaving no guess work in what to do next.

Dining options can be as high end as the suites or as relaxed as the beach chairs. The signature restaurant, Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant, run by Chef Rene, delivers a menu where taste, texture, and technique all come together superbly. Several private areas around the resort property mean you can plan a memorable occassion with these five star dishes as the highlight. An open air bar is found beachside, as well as a more caual restaurant choice.

The exceptional customer service must be mentioned as well. This resort caters to high end clientel and the staff are superbly trained to create the ambience, service, and satisfaction that comes with upscale expectations. With a very low guest to staff ratio, there is always someone there to provide the service you need.

If you are considering a stay with Baoase Resort in Curacao, continue to their website to learn more.